GLENDALE — Massis Publishing is pleased to announce the translation and publication of Kadir Akin’s “Armenian Revolutionary Paramaz”

The book was first made available to coincide with the US premiere of Mr. Akin’s documentary “RED” on April 18, 2024, in Southern California, which is based on the book.

“Armenian Revolutionary Paramaz” delves into the historical conditions and political environment that led to the Armenian Genocide, drawing from memories, documents, and studies from that era, focusing particularly on Paramaz and his comrades. The mass arrest of Hunchakian activists in 1914 and the speedy trial and execution of the 20 can be viewed as the starting point of the Armenian Genocide.

Furthermore, the book explores the thoughts, plight, and ideology of the Social Democrat Hunchakian Party within the context of their outlook and relationship with other contemporary Armenian political parties as well as the Turkish Committee of Union and Progress. It sheds light on the dynamics between these groups and their roles in the events leading up to the genocide, providing a deeper understanding of the historical context surrounding the tragedy.

The book can be ordered by emailing [email protected] or through starting in May 2024.

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