Armenia conducted tests of 155mm/39 MArG self-propelled howitzers developed by Kalyani Strategic Systems Limited (KSSL) before ordering the weapon, the Indian Defense Research Wing said.

“Kalyani Strategic Systems Limited officials stated that the Marg 155/39 self-propelled howitzer was developed in 8 months and tested by the Indian Army in Balasore and Pokran before it was offered to Armenia, which was looking for a weapon system for military operations in the highlands, where the conflict with Azerbaijan continues,” writes IDRW.

The self-propelled MArG 155/ 39 howitzer was tested again in the presence of Armenian officials for about 40 days, and the deal was sealed at a defense industry exhibition after it met all the marksmanship standards set by the Armenian military.

The weapon will be supplied to Armenia on a 4×4 wheeled chassis.

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  1. This is a step in the right direction. India is a non aligned country that is powerful, has excellent technical universities, and has a common enemy with Armenia (Pakistan). It would behoove Armenia to partner with the world wide diaspora to created an “Armenian Diaspora Defense Fund” that would be administered by a combined Diasporan Armenian and Armenian board. The purpose would be to raise large sums of money with the express purpose to heavily militarize Armenia before it is too late.

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