SAN JOSE – Nairi Bandari has been honored with the prestigious Jury’s Choice Award at the Golden Gate International Film Festival for her documentary film, “Eyes on Artsakh.” This short poetic documentary takes viewers on a captivating journey to Artsakh/Nagorno Karabakh, providing a profound glimpse into the experiences and emotions of the region’s inhabitants.

“Eyes on Artsakh” delves into the lives of ordinary people residing in the villages of Artsakh/Nagorno Karabakh, following the 2020 invasion by Azerbaijan. The documentary showcases the resilience and spirit of these individuals as they rebuild their lives in the aftermath of a devastating war that claimed the lives of 5000 brave soldiers and civilians.

The film has not only captivated audiences with its poignant storytelling but has also contributed to the awareness and correct pronunciation of the region’s name. Nairi Bandari expressed her satisfaction, saying, “Now more people can pronounce Artsakh correctly. I have accomplished my goal!”

The Golden Gate International Film Festival (GGIFF), powered by Net Effect Media Inc., is dedicated to showcasing the immense talent of filmmakers worldwide. The festival provides a platform for creative minds to exhibit their work in North America and across the globe. Net Effect Media (NEM), the organization behind GGIFF, was established in 2000 and has since distributed and marketed over 250 films through various mediums such as theaters, home video, television, pay-per-view, video-on-demand, and mobile applications. NEM has also ventured into offering pay-per-view services on its own platform. GGIFF strives to offer opportunities to content creators from all corners of the world, enabling them to reach the widest possible audience.

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Nairi Bandari was born and raised in Iran, but always had an appetite to explore the world.

Upon completion of her studies at the French University of Armenia, she embarked upon a journey to the diverse city of Los Angeles, driven by her passion for visual arts and photography. Presently, she thrives as a student of documentary production at California State University of Northridge, simultaneously immersing herself in the creation of captivating films that embody the essence of truth.

Nairi Bandari extends her gratitude to the following individuals and groups who supported her in the making of “Eyes on Artsakh”: Christina Khachaturyan, Dzia Vartabedian, Hermine Avagyan, Maria Karapetyan, She Loves Collective.

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