GYUMRI — President of Iraq, Abdul Latif Rashid, visited Gyumri as part of his official trip to Armenia. He was accompanied by Armenian President Vahagn Khachaturyan.

During his visit, the Iraqi president toured the TUMO Center for Creative Technologies and participated in the Connecting Innovations Armenian-Iraqi Tech Initiative at Sev Berd castle.

Khachaturyan expressed his belief in Armenia’s potential for technological development and emphasized that further cooperation and the strengthening of political relations would contribute to the region’s growth. He highlighted the longstanding friendship between Armenia and Iraq, stating, “We must now look ahead and do everything we can to make Armenia a technologically developed country.”

Khachaturyan also stressed the importance of exploring the opportunities presented by Iraq, stating, “When there’s an alternative, we become safer, when there isn’t, we are in danger. Let’s use the opportunities that Iraq has. For this, we need to get to know the Iraqi people and the demands of the Iraqi economy better.”

President Abdul Latif Rashid praised the increased level of cooperation between the two nations, noting, “Many Armenians are working in various cities in Iraq, across various sectors. We can enter a new phase of cooperation, not only on a state level but also in the business sectors.”

Armenian President Khachaturyan affirmed that all the prerequisites for strengthening the age-old friendship between the two countries exist, with the IT sector offering new avenues for collaboration.

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