NEW YORK — As Nikol Pashinyan has emerged as the winner of the June 20th snap parliamentary elections, AGBU offers its congratulations to Mr. Pashinyan as the duly re-elected Prime Minister of Armenia. By a decisive margin, voters have given him a second chance to make good on his promises to address all that contributed to the tragic losses of the 2020 Artsakh War.

This is an undoubtedly critical period which will factor into the long-term survival of an independent Armenian state. We believe the first step to achieving success is to work toward national healing. This includes managing relations with opposition forces in parliament with a spirit of reconciliation and cooperation, recognizing that a divided government operating in a regionally tenuous environment puts the country at further risk. It is time to stand behind a unified vision for the future of Armenia with an immediate priority on securing the sovereignty and security of the country.

We respectfully encourage the current leadership to actively strive to meet the hallmarks of a functioning democracy, among them transparency, inclusion, and open engagement with civil society, including across the Armenian Diaspora. Our young democracy must focus on building the necessary institutions in the right way. The way forward requires a coalition where the government welcomes experts and talent from both in Armenia and the Diaspora to help develop a clear roadmap for a brighter future.

All Armenians play a role in this healing and rebuilding process. As the world’s largest Armenian non-profit with a longstanding presence in the homeland going back 115 years, we understand what it takes to overcome deep national trauma. And we recognize the importance of restoring hope and resilience as our people confront very real concerns about their socio-economic prospects, their health and safety and, of course, their children’s future in an uncertain world.

We have proven the Diaspora’s value and good faith in supporting Armenian statehood countless times over the last 30 years, and know this dedication will continue, as Armenia remains our pride and the guarantor of our identity.

Let us rebuild our nation by identifying and respecting each other’s talents and strengths and putting them to productive use. We owe it to the next generation and to those who made the ultimate sacrifice for liberty and justice for our people.

In unity is strength.

June 21, 2021

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