FRESNO — Dr. Charlie Laderman, King’s College London, will give a Zoom presentation on “The Armenian Genocide and America’s Global Role” at 1:00PM on Sunday, October 25, 2020. The presentation is part of the Fall 2020 Lecture Series of the Armenian Studies Program and is supported by the Leon S. Peters Foundation. All Lecture Series events will take place online, and not face-to-face, through the Fall 2020 semester.

Dr. Laderman is the author of Sharing the Burden: The Armenian Question, Humanitarian Intervention, Anglo-American Visions of Global Order. Ara Sarafian, director of the Gomidas Institute in London will be a discussant for the presentation.

The destruction of the Armenian community in the Ottoman Empire was an unprecedented tragedy. Even amidst the horrors of the First World War, Theodore Roosevelt insisted that it was the greatest crime of the conflict. The wartime mass killing of approximately one million Armenian Christians was the culmination of a series of massacres that Winston Churchill would later recall had roused publics on both sides of the Atlantic and inspired fervent appeals to save the Armenians. Sharing the Burden explains how the Armenian struggle for survival became so entangled with the debate over the international role of the United States as it rose to world power status in the early twentieth century. In doing so, Laderman provides a fresh perspective on the role of humanitarian intervention in US foreign policy, Anglo- American relations, and the emergence of a new world order after World War I.

Laderman’s discussion will cover U.S. domestic politics (and the position of senators, presidential candidates and presidents, such as Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson and Warren Harding), imperial rivalries and alliances (mainly between Great Britain and the United States), and the impact of a devastating world war.

Dr. Laderman is a Lecturer in International History and part of the core team responsible for directing the Centre for Grand Strategy. He is also a Senior Research Associate at Peterhouse, University of Cambridge, for the 2019-20 academic year. Before joining KCL, he was a Research Fellow in History at Peterhouse. His first monograph, Sharing the Burden, was published by Oxford University Press in 2019 and was awarded the Arthur Miller Institute Prize from the British Association for American Studies as the best first book on any American studies topic in 2019.

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  1. Now Turkey and Azerbaijan are attempting Genocide 2.0.

    And now they have help from the country that demands every country and human being on earth bow down to the memory of the Holocaust.

    This is chutzpah.

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