Digital Transformation Project for Creating Virtual Exhibition at the Matenadaran Equipped with Modern Technologies

Description of the Project
The Mesrop Mashtots Matenadaran is one of the biggest centers of Armenian and international written heritage in the world. It is not only an exclusive institution of preservation, study, and restoration of ancient manuscripts, but also a unique institute-museum which has become one of the landmarks and symbols of Armenia. It has one of the richest collections of Armenian medieval manuscripts, old printed books, and archival documents. More than 20,000 manuscripts are stored here, including manuscripts in foreign languages: Persian, Arabic, Ottoman, Syriac, Ethiopian, Latin, Greek, Georgian, Hebrew, Old Slavonic, etc., comprising all fields of medieval art and science.

Today, the Matenadaran is the most famous and popular place for thousands of tourists visiting Armenia. Having more than 100,000 visitors a year from around the world, one of the main tasks of the Matenadaran is to organize presentable and meaningful exhibitions, which has recently been equipped with modern technologies and devices, making the presented exhibits more engaging and up to date.

We planned to welcome our visitors with a number of interesting innovations in the near future, but due to the pandemic situation we were obliged to reconsider our strategy and think of providing solutions more quickly and in accordance with the requirements of the day, focusing on the Matenadaran Digital Transformation Project. It will allow visitors from all over the world to visit the Matenadaran on an online platform, thus keeping the doors of the treasury of Armenian culture open to the general public.

The visitors of the Digital Matenadaran will have the opportunity to enter the institute-museum at their most convenient date and time, get acquainted with the manuscript heritage stored there in a more accessible and meaningful way and navigate in the wonderful domain of miniatures through modern technologies and installations. All this will be accompanied by relevant descriptions in different languages and Armenian medieval music. The illustrated pages of manuscripts will be digitized in high resolution, giving the opportunity to present them in large sizes, as well as to create holographic images and animations.

The project will be an important milestone, allowing us to show the exhibition halls and museum collections, as well as certain departments of special interest, including depositories, laboratories of restoration, and others, to the public in a more attractive way, which would have been impossible in case of their physical visit.

The Matenadaran is a well-established museum-institute in the world and the interest towards it grows day by day. This project is important first and foremost to be on par with latest trends, as all leading museums of the world have currently organized virtual tours (with video and audio guides).

Expected results
· Recreate the website of the Matenadaran with a digital platform representing the institution.
· Create a powerful and high quality service network through a secure server block.
· Enrich the digital database of manuscripts kept at the Matenadaran, ensuring the storage of manuscripts in the cloud, as well as their fast and high-quality maintenance.
· Increase people’s awareness about the Matenadaran as one of the most important center of Armenian manuscript heritage, while simultaneously introducing the Armenian writing art in general, and the peculiarities of Armenian miniature art and schools, etc.
· Correspond to international museum standards and best practices.
· Popularize throughout the world one of the exceptional manifestations of the Armenian medieval art – the rich writing art, which we are all proud of.

We look forward to the support and direct participation of honest and culture-loving representatives of our people in this project. The Matenadaran is first and foremost a repository of spiritual treasures and sacred manuscripts, a temple of national culture for successive generations. Rest assured that the seeds you sow for Matenadaran will grow and multiply, making you and your family part of Armenia’s growing national legacy.

We express our deepest gratitude to all supporters and donors who in these uncertain days stood and will always stand by the Matenadaran, the symbol of eternity of the Armenian people.

(Cost breakdown)
– 41,000 Website (Mobile Application for audio guide and shopping is included)
– 20,000 Server Block
– 14,500 Video Guide, 1 video up to 50 min + 3 videos up to 15 mins
– 10,000 Audio Guide (up to 100 units) with QR codes
– 12,000 Maintenance for 3 years
– 2,500 Provision of secure internet connection line for 3 years
– 100,000 USD TOTAL

Intermediary bank: SWIFT: COBADEFFXXX
Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Beneficiary’s bank: SWIFT: ARMNAM22
ARMBUSINESSBANK 48 Nalbandyan str. Yerevan, Armenia
Account Numb.:400887140200USD

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