YEREVAN ( — Venice will host the «Viva Arte Viva» International Art 57th Biennale, where Armenia will be represented by artists Raphael Megall, Jean Boghossian, and Miro Persolyan.

As the RA Ministry of Culture reports, the Armenian pavilion will be located in Murad-Rafaelyan College and Holy Cross Church. The closed viewing of the exhibition will be held on May 10-12, for the press, the official opening on May 11, 2017 at 17:30.

According to the source, each artist in the exhibition of Biennale will introduce his exhibition.Thus, the young and talented painter Raphael Megall /curator, Demetrio Paparoni/ will present by “Panthers in my blooming garden” exposition. The young artist’s first choice was due to the fact that he is presenting the relationship between man and the nature by the national elements typical to Armenian culture. Through the 15-works forming a unity, the artist calls humanity to return to their roots, pay greater attention to their own feelings. The 34-year-old artist has many solo exhibitions in the best foreign galleries /Florence, London, Paris, New York, Toronto/ participated in various international biennales and received prestigious awards and honorary titles, and in 2013, for “Maruta Mountain” work depicting the war of good and evil, was awarded with Florence Biennale`s “Lorenzo Medici” silver medal and Honored Artist title.

The sculptor and painter Jean Boghossian / curator, Bruno Cora / in 57-th Venice International Art Exhibition will present an exhibition entitled “Unquenchable fire” in Brussels. The idea of the title of the exhibition was inspired by torch flame that Jean Boghossian is sing a “brush fire” to build his unquenchable works. Poghosyan is one of the few artists who creates the work, using the fire and scorch. The fire is the aesthetic language of his choice, for which expression the artist uses a variety torch. Jean Boghossian`s painting is inspired by arts of the Jackson Polok, Simon Antay, Joan Mitchell and Yves Klein. The acclaimed artist has had numerous solo exhibitions in the best galleries /Brussels, Abu Dhabi, Beirut/.

3rd part of the pavilion is Slovenian, Miro Persolyan, currently living and creating in Italy.

His exhibition is called “Without Borders” /curator, Giorgio Grasso/. The artist, through a combination of red and blue colors is trying to underline that art has no boundaries.

Although the three artists are different and have separate shows, they are all united by the desire to represent the relationship between man and nature through art, assuring the truth that art has no boundaries.

The release added that participation in the prestigious Biennale gives opportunity once again to popularize contemporary art in Armenia and abroad.

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