PASADENA, CA – In a powerful display of unity and support, the Armenian community of Pasadena and the greater San Gabriel valley is set to organize a vigil, march, and rally to stand in solidarity with Artsakh and the various challenges faced by its people. This momentous gathering, set to take place on Friday, October 20, 2023, will begin at Pasadena’s Memorial Park Armenian Genocide Memorial at 6 pm and conclude at Pasadena’s City Hall in Centennial Square.

Artsakh, a region of historical and cultural significance and historical to the Armenian people, has been the site of conflict and strife for many years due to the Azerbaijani dictatorships policy of ethnic cleansing of Armenians in the region. The Armenian community of Southern California has been closely following the developments in Artsakh and Armenia.

The vigil, march, and rally serve as a collective response to express support and solidarity for the people of Artsakh. The event is expected to draw members of the Armenian community from across the region, as well as individuals from various backgrounds who share the same sentiment.

One of the central themes of the gathering is the issue of displaced Armenians. As a result of the Azerbaijan’s agression, many Armenian families have been forced to leave their homes and communities. The vigil and rally will bring attention to their plight and the need for humanitarian aid.

A significant aspect of the event will be the focus on prisoners of war held illegally by Azerbaijan. The Armenian community aims to raise awareness of these individuals’ unjust detention and to advocate for their immediate release. The event organizers hope that international attention will help resolve this humanitarian crisis.

The vigil will also honor the memory of those Missing in Action (MIAs) due to the ongoing aggression by Azerbaijan. Families of these individuals continue to seek answers and closure, and the event is expected to be a platform for raising awareness about their plight.

Additionally, the vigil, march, and rally will show support for those Armenians and government officials who are being held illegally in Azerbaijan. Their illegal detention has been a matter of concern, and this gathering seeks to bring attention to their situation and advocate for their release.

The event will commence at the Memorial Park Armenian Genocide Memorial, a place of great historical significance for the Armenian community, and will culminate at Pasadena’s City Hall in Centennial Square. It is expected that participants will bring placards, banners, and candles to symbolize their solidarity with the people of Artsakh.

The Armenian community is calling on the local and international community to join them in expressing solidarity with Artsakh. This gathering serves as a reminder that, even from afar, they stand together in support of justice, peace, and the well-being of the Armenian people.

With the continued Azerbaijani threat of war, the event promises to be a poignant moment in the ongoing quest for a peaceful and just resolution to the challenges faced by Artsakh, Armenia and its people. It is an opportunity for all those who believe in the principles of self determination, human rights and justice to come together and show their support.

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