WASHINGTON, DC — Following Russia’s attack on Ukraine, attitudes towards Russia in former Soviet countries have significantly deteriorated, as indicated by recent polls conducted by the Gallup Center.

Traditionally regarded as a zone of interest and special influence by the Kremlin, the number of people who approve of the Russian government’s actions has declined by over 10 percent in the former Soviet Union.

Even in historically “pro-Russian” countries such as Armenia, Moldova, Kazakhstan, and Azerbaijan, the number of individuals condemning the Russian leader’s actions has surpassed those who support them.

In Armenia, alongside the decrease in approval for the Russian leadership, there has been an increase in sympathy towards the United States and China.

Notably, the number of Russian sympathizers in Azerbaijan has decreased by 2.6 times, representing only 23 percent of the respondents.

While the number of Russian sympathizers remains relatively high in Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan, it has also experienced a significant decline.

Furthermore, Gallup’s findings reveal that the Russian government has lost the support of Russians residing in neighboring countries due to the war.

For the first time in the 15-year history of Gallup polls, a majority of Russians in Estonia and Latvia hold a negative view of Russian politics. Similar sentiments have also been observed among Russians living in Kazakhstan.

Simultaneously, Gallup reports that in Ukraine, the Baltic states, and the majority of other post-Soviet states, the rating of the United States government now surpasses that of the Russian government.

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  1. Out of the frying pan into the fire. What on earth do we have to offer to USA? They will sell out faster than Russia did. We have only one choice and that is for the nation of Armenia globally to rise and implement projects of economic and military support, without the diaspora Armenia will be gobbled up again soon. Unfortunately previous and even current authorities worked tirelessly to impede the involvement of the diaspora with pathetic gestures such as minister of diaspora affairs that achieved less than zero results
    Europe and USA need access to oil and gas, and they will never support Armenia over Azerbaijan, that is the reality

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