Diaspora Armenians in general and Armenian-Americans in particular are following the events taking place in the Homeland these days, where a group of opposition members are trying to achieve the resignation of the Prime Minister and the government through rallies, marches and other street events. By exercising their democratic rights, the protesters have the opportunity to express their views freely and to convey them to the people. However, very often the same demonstrators violate the rights of other citizens who do not share their views, create incidents with law enforcement, speak on platforms which reject dissent, insult human dignity and sow hatred.

Over the past month or so, the opposition’s actions have made it more than clear that the overwhelming majority of the people of Armenia do not share their views. Many are even calling for the authorities to take more drastic measures to ensure their right to free movement.

In recent days, opposition circles have been trying to portray the Diaspora as supporting their movement, and some media outlets are spreading misinformation in that direction.

Based on the above, we want to make the following clarifications:

I. The Diaspora has never been and never will be under one governing entity. Various parties, organizations and diverse groups operate there. Therefore, no organization has the right to speak on behalf of all Diaspora Armenians, and especially American Armenians.

II. The campaign against the US Ambassador and the demands to recall her do not represent the point of view of our party and the majority of Armenian-Americans. We find that the US Ambassador is fulfilling her responsibilities and impartially presenting the current situation in Armenia.

III. The Diaspora, despite its internal divisions and disagreements, unconditionally stands by the statehood of Armenia and the protection of the rights of the people of Artsakh.

Respecting the free choice made by the citizens of Armenia a year ago, through fair and democratic elections, we continue to support the authorities’ domestic and foreign policies, and are convinced that they are in the interest of Armenia and Armenians.

Social Democrat Hunchakian Party
Executive Committee, Western USA
May 22, 2022

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