STEPANAKERT — Azerbaijani forces shot and killed another ethnic Armenian resident of Nagorno-Karabakh on Friday.

Karabakh’s National Security Service (NSS) said the 65-year-old Seyran Sargsyan was captured in the no-man’s-land outside the town of Chartar before being murdered at a nearby Azerbaijani army post.

An NSS statement said the criminal actions of Azerbaijani troops were caught on camera from the Armenian side of the current line of contact in and around Karabakh.

Karabakh authorities have notified Russian peacekeeping forces about the incident.

Sargsyan is the third Karabakh civilian shot dead by Azerbaijani forces in less than two months.

The previous incident occurred on November 8 when four Karabakh Armenian utility workers repaired a water pipe outside the Azerbaijani-controlled town of Shushi (Shusha). One of them was gunned down while the three others wounded as a result.

  1. So what is the point of having Russians there if they do nothing as these Tatar dogs murder many innocent Karabzkhans ?

  2. As Russian “peacekeepers” do nothing in Russia’s continuing quest to harm Armenia while kissing up to the twin Turkic genocidists.

  3. How could that man be captured in the no man’s land without Azeris being in the no man’s land also. Why did not we shoot the Azeri’s? Did they capture and remove him out of no man’s land, or shoot him there.
    Some more complete and comprehensible reportage, please.
    Combat Infantry Badge, Korea 1952

  4. If we don’t get NATO involved very soon, we are doomed. Russia is playing all sides. It’s all a political game. Unfortunately we are not playing the game very well. We need help and we need it now. France is the only country that is speaking up, alone it cannot do anything. It could neutralize Turquey in no time but it can’t because they are both in Nato.

  5. Russia only cares about Russia wake up Armenians zangezore corridor will not benefit Armenia.
    Iran,Armenia,Georgia from Persian gulf to the Black sea is where Armenia will benefit.

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