For decades the students and faculty at the dilapidated No. 4 school, in the City of Artik, Shirak Region, Armenia, have been dreaming of a renovated, up to date, and safe environment. Today, it is finally a reality.

Visiting the school back in 2019, Neshan Peroomian, in charge of the AEF school renovation projects in Armenia, described the deplorable and unsafe conditions where school children attended. Mrs. Nune Grigoryan, the principal of the school, had shared with him that the crumbling roof did not hold rain and snow drenching the students in class. “We turned to individuals, sponsors, and organizations,” she said, “but we received no response. Armenian Educational Foundation was our last hope.” Today, she thanks the AEF for the beautiful building, well-furnished and cozy classrooms. It was a dream we thought would never come true,” she adds. “I no longer worry about our students having to learn under such horrid circumstances.”

The newly renovated school has been enhanced with more than 10 restroom stalls, 20 classrooms, a new principal’s office and an impressive gymnasium. Along with a newly installed roof, windows, doors and flooring, the school was also provided with necessary supplies, chess tables, desks, blackboards, and the latest computer technology to ensure students have the resources and tools to succeed.

According to Peroomian “AEF has transformed the school from ruins into a well-built, safe and bright learning space for the children of Artik. In addition to this renovation, reconstruction efforts are now also being carried out in the preschool, which will be completed shortly.”

AEF president, Al Cabraloff commented, “The villages of Armenia have great significance for the Armenian nation and for the Armenian people. These villages hold the key to Armenian traditions and customs; hence, their preservation is imperative. Today’s global circumstances put more pressure on Armenian villages by threatening their mere existence. Therefore, it is important to keep Armenians strongly connected with their land. The cost of renovation for the Artik school and kindergarten was $230,000. We thank Mr. and Mrs. Patrick and Jacqueline Baghdaserians for donating $50,000 for the renovation of the Artik school.”

Recognizing the importance of the village, AEF has focused its renovation program on village schools throughout Armenia, Artsakh and Javakhk. For 71 years AEF has been providing financial assistance to students and educational institutions, including the allocation of funds for student scholarships, school grants and renovations of over 200 schools. This could not have been possible without the generous support of their benefactors and members.

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