BAKU — Azerbaijani Prosecutor General’s Office has opened a criminal case against Russian businessman German Sterligov for visiting Karabakh. He has been put on the international wanted list for “illegally crossing the state border of Azerbaijan”.

“In order to popularize the separatist regime at the international level, Sterligov held a press conference in Shusha (Shushi) July 13, 2015. He also posted information in the social network to support the “independence” of the separatist regime, thereby calling for violation of Azerbaijan’s internationally recognized territorial integrity, illegal use of natural resources on the occupied lands, money laundering and so on”. The statement by the Azerbaijani Prosecutor General’s Office reads.

Commenting on the fact of filing a lawsuit against him in Azerbaijan, Sterligov mentioned in his official “Vkontakte” page that it is Azerbaijan’s response to his proposal of conducting a peaceful round table discussion with Russian, Armenian and Azerbaijani experts.

“It means that they are afraid of an open discussion with facts about the historical belonging of Karabakh. Armenians are not afraid of an open discussion, Russians are not afraid as well. But Azerbaijanis are in panic and threats come from there. What can it mean?”,Sterligov stated.

Sterligov who recently returned from Moscow to Shushi, called the Azerbaijanis “in order once again to be confirmed publicly the incontestable and absolute historical truth: Karabakh is an ancient Armenian territory”.

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