ISTANBUL — Germany’s Der Spiegel magazine’s photojournalist Andy Spyra was barred from entering into Turkey and deported on the alleged suspicion of being jihadist last week although German officials informed Turkish authorities about the situation of the journalist, according to news portal.

Spyra reportedly boarded a Turkish Airlines flight from Germany’s Dusseldorf en route to Istanbul on March 28 to cover an article about the 100th anniversary of the Armenian genocide. When he landed in Istanbul’s Atatürk Airport, four civilians took him to a special security area and told him to open his luggage, Sunday’s Zaman reports. Spyra reportedly tried to tell the officials he is a journalist and showed them his hotel reservation; however, the officials would not listen to him, he said. The journalist said he was told he would be sent to Dusseldorf the next morning and he was taken to the airport’s detention center.

“Turkish authorities told their German colleagues that I was believed to be a jihadist due to my khaki-colored clothes and ‘military equipment.’ … However, we later learned that the night that I was in the airport the German Consulate General informed Turkish authorities that I am a journalist and made a formal protest.”

Last year, Der Spiegel magazine withdrew its Turkey reporter Hasnain Kazim after the journalist received death threats over reports covering a deadly disaster at the Soma coal mine that killed 301 miners. Kazim reportedly received over 10,000 threats via e-mail, Facebook and Twitter, one of which included a threat to “cut his throat if seen on the street.”

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  1. “Cut your Throat”
    Very easy and common words used by Seljuk-Turks!

    What an easy phrase to say …
    To another human …
    and why to say …?
    Did he bring him to life …?
    Is he god and son of his god
    This nation is very difficult to be understood …
    They act as tyrants …
    Born genetically rude and odd
    They don’t belong to mankind…
    No one can ever change them
    Even their Turkish-God …!

    April 6, 2015
    Written instantly after reading the article above.

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