BAKU — The president of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev has threatened to resume war against the Armenian “barbarians and vandals” over Nagorno-Karabakh through a long Twitter rant.

The worst clashes on NKR frontlines left at least 15 Azeri soldiers dead in recent days.

Employing his utmost belligerent rhetoric, Aliyev declared that “just as we have beaten the Armenians on the political and economic fronts, we are able to defeat them on the battlefield”.

On Wednesday, Aliyev sought to put a brave face on heavy casualties suffered by the Azerbaijani military as he visited an army unit stationed east of Karabakh and met with soldiers serving there. He again pledged to win back not only Karabakh and surrounding Armenian-controlled territories but also “historic Azerbaijani lands” allegedly making up much of modern-day Armenia.

“A week ago Armenian occupation forces cowardly attacked our positions under the cover of darkness,” Aliyev said in remarks posted on his website late on Wednesday, several hours after official statements on his visit to the frontline. “We suffered losses, our soldiers became martyrs … At the same time, the enemy got an adequate response.”

“Today the enemy is in a state of panic and hysteria,” he claimed. “We know that. We have sufficient possibilities of knowing what’s happening on the opposite side. We have fully gained a military and moral advantage.”

Aliyev and his Armenian counterpart, president Serzh Sarkisian, are due to meet with Russian president Vladimir Putin on Friday in the Russian Black Sea resort of Sochi to discuss a settlement.

Read the tweets below.

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  1. President Aliev of Azerbaijan is a sick man making all the threats of taking back Historic Lands of the Armenian Nation. When is the world nations going to wake up and tell the Azeri’s that the Soviets under Stalin took away Historic Armenian lands and gave Nagorno Karabagh & Nakhichevan to the Azeri’s illegally & gave Javakh to his Georgian brothers, & gave Kars & Ardahan to the Turks. The world must remember that these Armenian lands were done on agreement between Kemal Attaturk & the new Soviet Government under Lenin & Stalin. Nobody discusses what these two illegal men did by illegally taken over their governments causing millions of deaths to Armenians, Greeks, Assyrians, Kurds, & numerous other nations. These territories, the Armenia Government must bring up at the United Nations to settle Armenia territories once & for all including the valid Treaty of Sevres signed by Turkey & Armenia in August of 1920.

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