Armenia’s Defense Minister Suren Papikyan greeting French Minister of Armed Forces Sébastien Lecornu in Yerevan


In recent days, significant developments have unfolded, primarily centered around the deepening ties between Armenia and France, particularly in the military realm. The visit of the Armenian Prime Minister to Paris, President Macron’s statements, the ceremony honoring Misak and Meline Manoushian in the Pantheon of France’s greatest figures, and the subsequent visit of the French Minister of Defense to Yerevan have garnered attention even from the international press. An article titled “France Plants Flag in Russia’s Backyard” published by the esteemed American outlet “Politico” highlighted France’s arms sales to Armenia, which not only irked Azerbaijan but also drew the ire of Russia.

Adding to this, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan’s interview with “France 24” marked a significant moment, as he publicly disclosed Armenia’s practical suspension of participation in the CSTO organization for the first time. In recent months, Armenia has abstained from engaging in the activities of the military alliance led by Moscow, citing Moscow’s failure to fulfill its alliance obligations.

In Paris, President Emmanuel Macron, and in Yerevan, Minister of Armed Forces Sébastien Lecornu, reiterated their commitment to safeguard Armenia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. “Armenia and the European Union seek to establish a new partnership framework. Beyond rhetoric, France stands with Armenia because justice, freedom, and adherence to international law are paramount to us,” stated the French president. Minister Lecornu echoed these sentiments in Yerevan, declaring, “If Armenia requires it, missiles of varying ranges will be made available to you,” further asserting, “We are France, and we will not be intimidated,” in response to the information campaign launched by Russia and Azerbaijan against Paris.

The French minister’s visit to Yerevan was not merely characterized by military declarations and pledges but also included the delivery of essential equipment, including night vision goggles crucial for battlefield operations.

These developments have provoked discontent among circles in Russia and Armenia aligned with Putin, who have initiated a smear campaign questioning the quality of French weaponry, attempting to sway public opinion towards favoring Russian arms over French ones. However, proponents of this viewpoint overlook two crucial aspects. Firstly, following the 44-day war of 2020, Moscow reneged on its promise to supply Armenia with weapons, prompting Yerevan to seek alternative sources. Secondly, according to international military experts, France ranks as the world’s second-largest producer of modern weaponry after the United States. Therefore, transitioning to French and other nations’ armaments is more advantageous for Armenia than relying on Russia to fulfill its obligations, particularly when Azerbaijan’s dictator continuously threatens Armenia with the specter of war.

The recalibration of relations with France marks a significant milestone, ushering in new opportunities for Armenia. Despite inherent risks in the strained relations with Russia, this new strategy holds greater promise and relevance. In the wake of recent military setbacks, the Armenian government now prioritizes the interests of its nation, irrespective of concerns from former allies.

Armenians worldwide applaud France’s courageous stance in support of our homeland.


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