YEREVAN — Initiated by President Armen Sarkissian, the Hayastan All Armenian Fund launches projects in Syunik to address community, education, and social issues in the region.

During his visit to Syunik in April, Chairman of the Board of Trustees President Armen Sarkissian met with the heads of the communities to better understand their immediate needs. The President affirmed his support to resolve their issues with all possible efforts made to alleviate the concerns of our compatriots and their communities

Based on the information received from the heads of the communities and following further discussions, an initiative was launched with the goal of resolving community, social and educational issues. This initiative will be implemented in stages through the joint efforts of the Office of the President and the Hayastan All Armenian Fund.

In Phase 1, solar water heaters are currently being installed in various communities thanks to the support of the Fund’s worldwide partners.

Following the war, the border village of Shurnukh has faced a significant economic downturn. The community has no access to gas and the cost of using electricity to heat water is too expensive for most to afford. Thanks to solar water heaters the villagers will not be forced to burn wood to heat water. All families in the village will be provided with solar water heaters. This type of energy saving will lighten the daily load of the residents.

From now on, the community of Khoznavar will benefit from the natural power of the sun. 33 houses in the village already have solar heaters with the rest underway. Solar photovoltaic panels will also be installed on community buildings.

13 houses in Aravus village already have solar water heaters. 150 residents will no longer have to pay for hot water. This support is not monetary but will help the residents save money. Their gas payments will be reduced by about 70% as the sun will provide them with hot water all year round.

109 solar heaters will also be installed in the community of Davit Bek. To keep the sun’s heat within the walls of the school, the doors and windows have been replaced and the roof fixed. The same will be done in the community of Chakaten.

All efforts will be made to alleviate the concerns of our compatriots and their communities.

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