YEREVAN — Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan received today the representatives of the Social Democratic Hunchakian Party – Central Committee Chairman Dr. Hampik Sarafian, Central Committee Member Mr. Khachik Keshishian and Social Democratic Hunchakian Party Armenia Executive Committee Mr. Setrak Ajemian.

Prime Minister Pashinyan welcomed the SDHP delegation and thanked them for the continued open dialogue of between his office and the SDHP. “We have always been in touch with both the Central Committee and Armenia’s Executive office. I am glad to record that the party, including the Armenian office, takes part in the newly established format of extra-parliamentary forces, in the sidelines of which we have already had two meetings. We also try to make decisions and move forward with concrete steps. Of course, this cooperation and dialogue is very important for us, considering the very crucial and exclusive role of the party in our Diaspora communities and involvement in and contribution to the shaping of the political culture of the Armenian people in general,” stated the Prime Minister.

“We have been open for dialogue and I am glad for the similar readiness from your side. These meetings are a good opportunity for clarifying our agenda following the parliamentary elections, exchanging views on upcoming activities, and maybe in case of necessity, we will make concrete decisions. I once again welcome you and I am glad for this opportunity,’’ the Prime Minister added.

SDHP Central Board Chairman Hampik Sarafian said: ‘’We are thankful, Mr. Prime Minister for hosting us. First, let me  congratulate you on the re-appointment in the name of the entire Hnchakian family. In the most crucial period of our history, you of course, understand and are aware, better than any of us, of all the challenges, both domestic and external. We think that your steps following the elections, particularly the approaches aimed at unity and consolidation, both in parliamentary and extra-parliamentary formats, are the correct path. Because if in the past the calls for unity, cooperation and solidarity were just wishes, today they are absolute necessities, because if we fail to work in the atmosphere of cooperation and unity, the future will be very difficult. As a party, we have always been ready and are now ready to cooperate with you in all the areas, be it in the Diaspora or the Motherland. We also highlight the real cooperation with all the forces, because that’s probably the only way for bringing our Motherland, Artsakh out of this difficult situation.’’

The members of the SDHP delegation highlighted the importance of the dialogue and partnership with the extra-parliamentary forces under the initiative of Prime Minister Pashinyan for the benefit of the Motherland. The Prime Minister noted that Armenia and Artsakh are passing through hard challenges, but the important thing is that a shared understanding has been established over overcoming the existing challenges and moving forward with joint efforts. According to Nikol Pashinyan, the two meetings that have already taken place in the extra-parliamentary format, where the SDHP Armenian Office is also involved, show that it’s a practical format and will be continuous.

The Prime Minister discussed with the delegation of the Social Democratic Hnchakian Party issues related to the strengthening of Armenia-Diaspora-Artsakh ties and the full utilization of the existing potential. The interlocutors exchanged views on the prospects of fostering information technologies, education, nuclear medicine, and a number of other areas and spoke about development programs and initiatives.

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