“We will not be broken, we will not retreat, this is our home, our land, our birth right, they destroy, we rebuild”; the unwavering resolve of the fearless people of Tavush standing strong against an unpredictable and dangerous enemy to protect their home, their land and Our Borders. These communities are unequivocally and strategically vital for the security of Armenia and Artsakh. Protecting them strategically, economically and socially is a national priority.

For years the Fund has supported these dedicated guardians of our sovereign borders through essential infrastructural projects, the construction of community centres, schools, kindergartens, social housing, hospitals; with dedicated and trained medical professionals, state of the art equipment, innovative agricultural projects, solar energy panels and clean drinking water.

Now more than ever, this support is critically important. The development of Tavush communities will ensure the stability and security of our borders and in turn our country. Strong and unassailable communities will further inspire the committed and unwavering people of Tavush to continue to protect our ancestral lands.

In times of peril, Armenians around the world have always stood united and supported those most in need. Today, the brave men and women of our border communities need us to stand together as one global Armenian family.

All proceeds will go to addressing the most pressing needs of these communities; rebuilding shelled homes, providing renewable energy, drinking water, social assistance to those effected by the most recent escalations of the conflict, providing access to healthcare and distance learning tools for school students.

Please join this critical global effort. You can donate through the special online fundraiser created in the Fund’s website or make a direct transfer to the bank accounts specifying the purpose of the donation as “Empowering Remote Border Communities” https://www.himnadram.org/en. You can also donate through the local affiliates of the Hayastan Global Armenian Fund in your country.

The names of all donors and the donated amounts will be automatically generated on this page. A final report on the fundraising campaign will be presented at the end of the program.

United We Strengthen Our Border Communities.

Haystan All Armenia Fund

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