ANKARA (Ahval News) — Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said U.S. President Donald Trump had asked him whether it would be more suitable to use the word war instead of calling the mass deportation of Armenians by the Ottoman Empire in 1915 a genocide, pro-government daily Sabah reported on Friday.

The U.S. House of Representatives last week approved a resolution recognising the Armenian genocide, amid growing anger in the U.S. Congress against Turkey its military offensive in northern Syria.

Erdogan and Trump will meet in Washington next week to discuss the ongoing situation in Syria as well as other issues that have been causing tensions between the two allies, including potential U.S. sanctions and an indictment charging Turkish state-run Halkbank with evading sanctions on Iran.

“I received some hints about our meeting with Mr. Trump the other night, but I believe that other clues will surface when we meet face to face,” Erdogan said, referring to his phone conversation with Trump on Tuesday.

Erdogan said Turkey had grown tired of being threatened with the Armenian issue by the United States.

“He in fact used such an expression, ‘Will it be suitable if we call it a war instead of a genocide,’ he said,” Erdogan told reporters, referring to Trump.

Erdogan said that he had rejected the suggestion on the grounds that two states should counter each other to call something a war and that Armenians had in fact been subject to forced migration.

Erdogan also said that during their conversation Trump had asked him what had happened in relation to genocide recognition attempts before his term as president.

“I will examine this and talk to my colleagues,” Erdogan quoted Trump as saying to him, when the Turkish president explained that under previous administrations the commissions in the U.S. Congress had declined such resolutions, but this time the commission had been bypassed.

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  1. With all my respect to the PRESIDENCY OF THE UNITED STATES, I consider President Trump’s suggestion as the highest level of IGNORANCE. It seems Mr. Trump is suggesting to RE-WRITE A TRUE AND FACTUAL CRIMINAL ACT OF TURKEY (the continuation of the Ottoman Empire), namely, THE ARMENIAN GENOCIDE OF 1915-1923, organized, planned and executed by the Government of Turkey, under the administration of the “Young Turks”. Both Trump and Erdogan, the most corrupt presidents, need to be educated by the PRESENT CIVILIZED LEADERS OF THE WORLD. In the case of Erdogan of Turkey, he should and must follow the example of Germany, an ally of Turkey during the First World War and and the ADVISOR/TRAINER OF THE TURKISH ARMY FORCES during the entire period of the First World War. ERDOGAN SHOULD OPEN THE TURKISH MILITARY ARCHIVES SO THAT THE CIVILIZED SOCIETIES GET FACTS ABOUT THE ARMENIAN GENOCIDE. We are well aware about the facts that Grandparents and Parents of Erdogan took active parts in the execution and prime beneficiaries of illegally stealing huge ARMENIAN PROPERTIES. Armenian claims must be recognized. Sultans, Turkish Politicians, such as: Talaat, Erver, Jemal Pashas, Ataturk all are gone. Erdogan will go soon. ARMENIAN CLAIMS SURVIVED FOR OVER 104 YEARS AND SURVIVE FOR GENERATIONS TO COME UNTIL TURKEY ACCEPTS, RECOGNIZES AND MAKES REPARATION FOR “ALL DAMAGES AND ILLEGALLY STOLEN ARMENIAN PROPERTIES AND KILLING BY THE TURKS”.

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