Former Armenian regime members and the media under their control continue their disinformation campaign against the Armenian government and the nation as a whole. While democratically elected Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan has been engaged in rebuilding the economy, strengthening the army and fighting corruption, the prominent elements of the previous ruling elite of the Republican party and Kocharyan camps have embarked on a campaign to disrupt Armenia’s internal political climate and create an impression of instability and uncertainty in the country.

By failing to absorb the successful visits of the Prime Minister to California and then to New York, and the positive coverage the visit has received, they have tried to belittle the realities that the people saw with their own eyes. “The attendance for the Los Angeles rally was very low, banquet tickets were not sold, and the community organizations were forced to purchase tables, the California governor declined to meet with Pashinyan, congressional members were not present at the meetings.” These were the main headlines spread by the opposition media during and after Pashinyan’s visit to California. Obviously, none of these were true. According to the Los Angeles Fire Marshal, almost 20 thousand people attended the Grand Park gathering, which is rarely seen for a visiting dignitary. The $250 dollar tickets for the banquet in honer of the Armenian delegation were sold- out within short time and hundreds of requests were turned down. Due to scheduling conflicts Pashinyan’s meeting with the California Governor Gavin Newsom was planned to take place in New York. Many high level local and state officials were present at the public rally and the preceding reception in the City Hall, among them one of the most prominent members of the Congress, Rep. Adam Shiff, who represents the largest Armenian constituency outside of Armenia. The other legs of the visit which included a stop in Silicon Valley to meet with tech firm entrepreneurs, and New York, to attend the United Nations General Assembly and delivering speech about the Armenian positions on various international and domestic issues, did achieve their goals. Pashinyan’s visit to the United States with its Armenian and international aspects was a great success for Armenia and an achievement for the Armenian community.

The summit of the Eurasian Economic Union in Yerevan which was held this week in Yerevan, was also a great success, with the leaders of seven countries arriving in Armenia to participate and sign bilateral agreements. But, what was the opposition predicting ahead of time? The meeting may be removed from Yerevan, the Russian president may not attend the summit, even if he does attend, it will be a very short one, and no one-on-one meeting with Pashinyan is planned. Putin will ask to meet with Kocharyan in jail to show his support for the former president. In short, Russia is dissatisfied with the Pashinyan government and wants him removed from power. There was no need to wait for too long as all these predictions fell flat. President Putin attended all the planned events and held separate meetings with his Armenian counterpart, praising him for bringing along the leaders of Iran and Asian economic powerhouse Singapore. According to the Russian media, the Yerevan meeting was the most successful one in the five-year history of the EAEU.

As time goes by, the former rulers of Armenia are acting in a more and more brazen fashion. They are unable to accept the fact of losing their posts and the privileges they had for a long time, while plundering the country into poverty. Apparently, they still have the inner conviction that the enthusiasm of the revolution will soon fade away and they will somehow return to power. All attempts to shift the public opinion in their favor thus far has failed. Disseminating misinformation and pessimistic forecasts will not persuade the people of Armenia to look backwards. The remnants of the former regime should become more realistic by adapting to life after politics and using their capabilities for the good of the country and the nation.

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