YEREVAN — ONEArmenia has launched its second annual Santas Wanted! campaign, through which people from around the world will have the opportunity to donate made-in-Armenia gifts to Syrian-Armenian children, while simultaneously helping to stimulate the economy in Armenia by supporting local businesses.

ONEArmenia is committed to seeing an Armenia which not only survives, but thrives, as a nation. Since 2011, Armenia has welcomed approximately 18,000 refugees from Syria, some of whom have succeeded in establishing homes and businesses here. Other families are struggling to find employment and housing. They are, collectively, an integral part of the population in Armenia and as such, contribute to the development of the nation as a whole.

ONEArmenia is partnering with Aleppo Compatriotic Charitable Organization-NGO to provide practical, fun and educational gifts for 200 Syrian-Armenian children who have recently moved to Armenia. The material and practical benefit of these gifts is just one aspect of the campaign. There is also a positive psychological impact which receiving new gifts will have on the children. After having left their friends and homes behind, moving to a new country and experiencing from the uncertainty of having their families displaced, the simple act of receiving gifts that are crafted, in Armenia, with them in mind, can make a significant impact in their lives.

These gifts are produced by 7 local businesses: AVA Shoes, Huys, #Sport, Zangak Books,, Ayl Kerp and Goghovit Knits. Those who wish to contribute can donate towards a $100 package which will include:

-A water resistant jacket sewn by Huys, so that the children will be able to play outside in the winter months. The children which Aleppo NGO are working with don’t have adequate winter wear, as they have never needed it before, and it is important that they are prepared for the upcoming season.
-A warm hoodie sewn by #Sport, a local business which creates comfortable, casual wear in Armenia.
A hand knitted scarf made by Goghovit Knits, a one woman show in Shirak who will employ other local women to help her fill this large order.
-A sturdy pair of boots handmade by AVA Shoes which are guaranteed to keep the kids feet warm and dry, no matter how much snow falls.
-1-3 books published by Zangak Books which the children will be able to pick out for themselves. Being included in the decision making process is important for them to get excited about reading. These books will also help supplement their education when it comes to transitioning from studying in Western Armenian to Eastern Armenian.
-An educational and fun board game called Ayl Kerpik which is the kid’s iteration of the extremely popular game, Ayl Kerp, which is similar to the English language game Taboo. This is another supplemental tool for their education which will make practicing Eastern Armenian fun.
-A jar of locally sourced honey from which will help strengthen their immune systems, fight against seasonal allergies and promote a healthier lifestyle of choosing natural sweeteners of processed ones.

This Christmas, you can make a difference in the lives of 200 Syrian-Armenian children. These gift packages will help make the transition for them a little warmer, a little more fun and a lot more welcoming. Donate to Santas Wanted! at

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