YEREVAN — Former French Co-Chair of the OSCE Minsk Group Jacques Faure has said the return of Nagorno Karabakh to Azerbaijan is impossible.

“There are only Armenians living in Nagorno Karabakh and they don’t want to change their status, therefore, the return of Nagorno Karabakh to Azerbaijan is not possible anymore” Jacques Faure said at the NATO Parliamentary Assembly’s 89th Rose-Roth seminar in Yerevan.

“Armenia is right in insisting on the full conformity between such international principles as nonuse of force, peoples’ right to self-determination and territorial integrity,” the former Co-Chair added.

Jacques Faure disagrees with the opinion that the Minsk Group fails to take decisive steps to solve the Karabakh conflict. He added that the mediators coordinate their actions with the schedule of the leaders of the conflicting parties.

“If the Presidents have no time, the mediators can do nothing,” the former Co-Chair said.

He noted that an arms race has started in the region, and Azerbaijan’s military budget is larger than the overall budget of Armenia.

Elaborating on the subject, Mr Faure said that Azerbaijan has a population of 9m, while Armenia’s population is only 3m, with the demographic disproportion growing.

Azerbaijan is also seeking benefits from its oil and energy profits, which have for years been directed to arms purchase.

According to Faure, it’s necessary to demonstrate political will to make mutual concessions.”

Many assume Azerbaijan will again resort to violence after the European Games, but the former Co-Chair says “Azerbaijan will lose much” in this case.

“First of all, it will lose the standing on the international arena, and no one will be willing to invest in a country in war,” he said.

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  1. Azerbaijan’s claim to Artsakh is weak to non-existent. Historically and demographically it has always been Armenian.

    Azerbaijan itself is an invention, having started only in 1918.

    Before that there was never a country known as Azerbaijan, nor a people known as Azeris. They were called Tartars and Muslims.

    The only Azerbaijan was two provinces in Persia/Iran.

    It is time for the OSCE Minsk Group to stop bowing to Azerbaijani fictions and declare their support for the independence of Artsakh.

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