ANKARA — President of Turkey said Armenia had fixed April 24 date to coincide with the anniversary of the Battle of Gallipoli.

In a weekend interview with the France 24 TV channel,Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Turkey is commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Gallipoli Battles and “we are in no position to obtain permission from Armenia”.

Erdogan denied any ulterior motives behind that timing. “It is a date in history and it has nothing to do with the ceremonies in Armenia. Quite on the contrary, they fixed their ceremonies to coincide with our date,” Erdogan said.

Speaking about problems between Armenia and Turkey, he said it was Ankara that always “took a positive step”and “extended our hand in peace”.

In a related issue Erdogan has attempted to prevent Russian President Vladimir Putin’s participation in the April 24 official ceremonies in Yerevan that will mark the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide. Erdogan has phoned his Russian counterpart and discussed the genocide issue with him on March 17. Erdogan told Putin that the issue should be tackled from a “fair perspective.”

  1. Armenians have always commemorated the Genocide on April 24. Turkey is the one who JUST changed its date to April 24 on the 100th year of the genocide to distract the world and focusing their attention on the Gallipoli event. What a kook.

  2. The above statements by Erdogan SHOULD serve as evidence of how simplistically twisted he and his administration are. The statement is so unbelievably ludicrous it should shout volumes about the historical precedent of absurd denial and distracting tactics used to divert international attention away from horrendous torture and ISIS style genocide that went on in my father’s lifetime…His above statement is utterly ridiculous and should serve to highlight the bad intentions childishly fictional spin that Erdogan is hoping to apply to the fact of the Armenian Genocide. The battle of Gallipoli began in March and ended in May. The time honored recognition of the official start of the Armenian Genocide has ALWAYS been April 24th EVERY YEAR because on that day in 1915 200 innocent scholars , journalists , and notable Armenian public figures were hung by the neck on public display in Istanbul in an effort to initially silence the intellectual voice of Armenians. Already 500,000 innocent Armenian had been pulled there homes and slaughtered in the Adana and Hamidian massacres leading up to that day. At least 1.5 million more innocent Armenian families were slaughtered , or starved to death intentionally over the next 8 years after April 24th 1915 ( until 1923)…

  3. One more time corrupt Erdogan is trying to rewrite history by distorting facts and factual truths. April 24th of each year starting from April 24, 1915, The. Entire Nation of Armenians celebrated, celebrates and will celebrate APRIL 24TH AS THE STARTING DATE OF THE ARMENIA GENOCIDE STARTING FROM 1915. Mr. Erdogan you were not born then, on April 24, 1915, when your compatriots, Talaat, Enver and Jemal Pashas, then leaders of the Young Turks movement planned, organized and executed, with the collaborations of jailed Criminal Turks, called Bacheboshouk, (outlawed criminals), Kurds, Cherkez including ERDOGAN’s grand fathers and parents. Erdogan you need to go back to your kindergarten, elementary and high school, if you did attends such schools, and learn the real and factual history about the ACHIEVEMENTS AND CONTRIBUTIONS OF THE OTTOMAN NATIONALS OF ARMENIAN ORIGINS. You being a Pathological lier have no respect with any and all civilized nations. Your termination, as the new Sultan of the Republic of Turkey established by criminal politicians including Mustafa Kemal Ataturk will be terminated soon. Therefore enjoy your corrupt days until your number is called by the citizens of Turkey including all minorities, Kurdish, Armenians, Jewish, Syrians, and others.

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