Promoting Peace, Tolerance, and Coexistence Discussed

CAIRO — Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan had a meeting with Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed El-Tayeb, the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar.

The Prime Minister emphasized the existing religious tolerance in Egypt and emphasized the fact of warm attitude towards the local Armenian community. Nikol Pashinyan noted with regret that sometimes an attempt is made to use religion for political goals, adding that one of the reasons for this is that people sometimes do not have such good ideas about religions. In this regard, the Prime Minister emphasized the role of governments. Nikol Pashinyan emphasized the long history of the Armenian people’s interaction with Islam and the fact that thousands of Armenians found refuge in Islamic countries.

Pashinyan expressed gratitude for Al-Azhar’s efforts in promoting global peace and coexistence. He acknowledged the historical refuge provided by Islamic countries to Armenians during the genocide, illustrating the long-standing bonds between the two communities.

Nikol Pashinyan presented to the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar the copy of the first surah of the Quran from 1719 kept in the Matenadaran. PM Pashinyan proposed an exhibition at Al-Azhar showcasing Armenia’s Islamic manuscripts, further strengthening cultural and religious exchanges

The Grand Imam of Al-Azhar, Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed El-Tayeb, thanked for the valuable gift and emphasized the importance of strengthening tolerance and peace also through religions. Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed El-Tayeb expressed willingness to organize an exhibition of Arabic manuscripts kept in Matenadaran, adding that similar events also contribute to the establishment and strengthening of peaceful coexistence between societies.

El-Tayyeb recounted Al-Azhar’s long-standing support for Armenia, referencing a pivotal 1909 fatwa condemning aggression against Armenians. This stance reflects Al-Azhar’s broader commitment to opposing violence against all communities, regardless of religious affiliation. El-Tayyeb’s invitation to Armenian youth and imams to engage with Islam through educational programs and training at the Al-Azhar International Academy aims to foster a deeper understanding and coexistence. Additionally, El-Tayyeb highlighted the Egyptian Family House initiative as a model for promoting religious tolerance and combating extremism.

The discussions between Al-Azhar and Armenia pave the way for increased collaboration in education, religious training, and cultural exchange. These initiatives are poised to enhance mutual understanding, respect, and coexistence between Muslim and Armenian communities. The meeting’s emphasis on stopping aggression and promoting peace signals a hopeful direction for both parties, contributing to broader efforts to resolve conflicts and foster global harmony.

This landmark meeting not only reaffirms the historical ties between Al-Azhar and Armenia but also sets a course for future cooperation aimed at achieving peace and understanding across religious and cultural divides. Through education, dialogue, and mutual respect, both leaders are crafting a legacy of tolerance that promises to influence generations to come.

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