BAKU — On Thursday, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev publicly voiced concerns over India’s military weapons sales to Armenia, underlining an increasingly strained relationship between Azerbaijan and India over the issue.

In a press briefing, Aliyev cited India’s continuous supply of arms to Armenia as a key factor of “disturbance” in the volatile regional peace equation in the South Caucasus. Aliyev emphasized that these actions threaten Azerbaijan’s national security and disrupt the balance of power in the region.

“India’s weapon sales to Armenia create an environment that fosters hostility and mistrust,” President Aliyev stated. “We urge India to reconsider its stance and support peace and stability in the South Caucasus.”

India’s arms sales to Armenia, which have continued despite the 2020 ceasefire, have been viewed with increasing disapproval by Baku. India, on the other hand, has defended its right to sell arms to any country, stating that it adheres to a policy of non-interference in bilateral issues between other nations.

However, Azerbaijan’s displeasure over the arms deal might also strain its relationship with India in other spheres.

Experts suggest that this issue could escalate to a diplomatic which might go beyond military or security concerns and could potentially influence broader regional dynamics.

  1. Ilham Aliyev is the same person who has fomented anti Armenian hatred among his populace for over 20 years, teaching children in school to hate Armenians. The same person who colluded with Turkish President Erdogan to launch a vicious unprovoked attack on the Armenians in Artsakh causing thousands of deaths and widespread destruction. The same person who runs one of the most corrupt and inhumane dictatorships in the world. He is now complaining that India is selling weapons to Armenia so that they try and defend themselves. This jerk Aliyev is horrible to his own populace who dare speak out against him. Aliyev is full of what makes the grass grow green and I pray every day that he will drop dead.

  2. To answer Gary. Dropping dead would be an easy way out. They should hang him like the turks did to our Armenian brothers and sisters.

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