YEREVAN — Matena International School founds a new professional center, which aims to share the best world experience of digital transformation in Armenia.

The programs which the center will launch from mid-May 2022 are developed based on the rich experience of Matena ICDT center experts, who through effective programs have transformed the activities of numerous companies, including large commercial banks.

The experts of the newly created center have trained senior managers responsible for the digital transformation of companies such as Pepsico, IKEA, Deutsche Bank, Caspian Beverage Holding, Volvo.

“Through special educational programs provided by the center, the management of companies will be transformed and adapted to the latest requirements of the digital age, which in turn will increase their efficiency.

We have an ambitious goal to increase the attractiveness of Armenia for education, as the creation of this center will undoubtedly play a key role in its implementation, since digital transformation is one of the present-day trends in management in the world”, – says Ruben Hayrapetyan, co-founder and CEO of Matena.

“We live in a reality in which digital technologies have become an integral part of our daily lives. Those companies that do not bring their strategy in line with modern requirements lose their competitive advantages in the long run and give way to more flexible and bold “players”. In this regard, it is very important that in Armenia we spotted an opportunity and a requirement to make digital transformation a mandatory point on the agenda of a company in any field”, – said Nikolay Verkhovsky, director of Matena ICDT.

Among the experts of Matena ICDT are the former head of the digital transformation department of the largest Austrian Erste Group Bank, as well as the head with many years of management experience at Deutsche Bank in Germany Ara Abrahamyan, head of the information security department at Picsart Armen Baghdasaryan, a leader with extensive experience in the field of digital transformation of large international companies, director of the Matena ICDT center Nikolay Verkhovsky and other top-rank professionals.

There has been already significant attention to the center, as participants from Armenia, the UAE, Estonia, Kazakhstan have expressed the desire to study here. Leading experts from Singapore are also cooperating with the center, who have expressed their commitment to participate in the activities of the Matena ICDT Center and make it the leading center for digital transformation in the region.

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