Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev’s Advisor Hikmat Hajiyev has accidentally confirmed Turkey’s direct participation in the Azerbaijani war of aggression against Artsakh.

Hajiyev tweeted a photo which he claimed was the consequence of Artsakh’s strike at the military airbase of Ganja, which upon closer look showed servicemen wearing Turkish Armed Forces uniforms standing near the damages.

He deleted the image afterwards, and then tried to bring forward justifications  accusing “Armenian propaganda” on twitter by announcing that the soldier in the photo is allegedly a member of the civil defense forces that took part in joint Azerbaijani-Turkish exercises recently.

In reality the soldiers that took part in joint exercises have both Azerbaijani and Turkish flags on their chevrons but the soldier whose photo was removed had only Turkish flag depicted on his chevron.

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  1. It is mind bugling for the world to continue turning a blind eye to appease Turkey in light of the havoc and crimes she is committing throughout the Middle East, North Africa, East Mediterranean and now Caucasus. Under the cover of NATO membership, Turkey has now become a very dangerous country turned into a terrorist state intent to use force and terrorists to annex other innocent states lands and water resources out of nowhere just because she so pleases in the name of jihad. The world must finally come to its senses and wake up to the fact that Turkey is ISIS and ISIS is Turkey and the great danger she presents to world peace so as to effectively arrest Turkey’s rogue actions. Turkey only understands the language of force not words. Germany with its massive economic and military boost to Turkey has great leverage to turn Turkey around if it so chooses but unfortunately Germany is contempt to continue appeasing Turkey as if past lessons from its Nazi history have not been learned – or even worse an even more sinister thought comes to mind in that what we may be quietly witnessing today is another alliance between Germany and Turkey reminiscent of their past fascist alliances that triggered world wars.

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