Over the past week, the unprovoked joint Azeri-Turkish assault on Artsakh and Armenia has fiercely escalated, with the shelling of towns, cities, infrastructure and churches all across the region. The death toll and destruction is mounting to unimagined levels unseen since Artsakh declared independence in a free and democratic vote of self-determination in 1991.

The urgency of the situation is beyond comprehension leading to a severe humanitarian disaster on hand.

Cognizant of the above and recognizing that Armenia and Artsakh are engaged in a battle of survival, The Armenian Missionary Association of America has appropriated a total of one million US Dollars (US $ 1,000,000) as humanitarian, relief and medical aid to the people of Artsakh and Armenia to be channeled through the HAYASTAN All Armenian Fund.

AMAA will continue to raise funds to support its vast budgetary commitments funding its programs and services in Armenia and Artsakh initiated since the earthquake in 1988.

War in Nagorno Karabakh (Artsakh) Produced by AMAA Armenia

A young American volunteer, William Denk, traveled to Armenia to intern for the Armenian Missionary Association of America in Armenia. What started out as enjoyable daily tasks of helping churches and teaching English, turned into a life-threatening internship. Instructed to head back to the United States for safety measures, William Denk refused. He took it upon himself to travel to Artsakh and provide us with video footage of Azerbaijan’s destructive attack. William is one of the many heroes risking his life to report the truth.

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  1. This contribution is wonderful news.

    Russia could stop this war at any time.

    Armenia may have to land some artillery shells near the major pipelines that run from Azerbaijan thru Georgia and then to Turkey and then to the West.

    Israel gets 40% of its oil from Azerbaijan.

    We see that Azerbaijan broke the ceasefire immediately. This is a good example of their “honor.”

    Notice that it takes the combined forces of Azerbaijan,Turkey and ISIS/jihadists/terrorists to even make a dent in the Armenian lines. Alone, Azerbaijan is incompetent.

    The barbarians are at the gates. We know who they are. And now we know for sure that Russia and Putin are unreliable.

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