YEREVAN– The changes in the coming thirty years should be based on four guiding values, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said as he presented the strategy of Armenia’s transformation until 2050.

“These changes are based on our national values, national goals and public demand. It is very important to understand the ultimate goal of this transformation, and the tasks we set before us. Of course, the strongest ideological basis is the recently adopted National Security Strategy, in the preface of which we have recorded what our national values are, but from the strategic point of view, there are four guiding values,” the Prime Minister said.

  1. Armenian statehood – Statehood is the only tool that allows us to make decisions about our destiny. We perceive statehood as a key value, it is very important to state that the permanence of the Armenian statehood is the practical problem that we must solve.

  2. Education – Education is the only tool, the cornerstone, with which we will be able to realize our problems and find their solutions.

  3. Individual – The individual is the only entity that forms a family, which we consider a national value, which forms a society, a people or a state. I consider the individual effort an idea prevailing in Armenia today.

  4. Work – Work is the only tool that allows you to realize the accumulated creative potential. The government must be able to pursue a policy so that through education, individual freedoms and development, a person has the opportunity to realize his creative potential through work.

Pashinyan also named 16 mega-problems that should be solved within 10 years: to have educated and capable citizens, protected Armenia, effective and accountable governance, healthy and wealthy citizens, large and prosperous families, a rule of law country, massive export of processed products, clean and green Armenia, reasonable development of territories, effective farming, great repatriation and integration, renewable and generally available energy, attractive Armenia for entrepreneurs, high technology Armenia, recognizable, respected and hospitable Armenia.

The prime minister named the targets which are part of this strategy: to raise the population of Armenia to at least 5 million people, create 1.5 million jobs, defeat poverty with work, increase GDP 20 times, increase the average salary by 7 times, instill a healthy lifestyle in the nation and bring life expectancy to 90 years, build the most efficient army in terms of the population number, have one of the top 10 intelligence services in the world, make education a way of life, turn Armenia into a country of high-tech industry, have at least five technology companies worth over $10 billion and 10 thousand operating startups.

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