Armenian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Anna Naghdayan

YEREVAN — Armenian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Anna Naghdalyan has responded to the Turkish FM’s statements on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Treaty of Sevres. “The statement issued by the Foreign Ministry of Turkey on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Treaty of Sevres once again demonstrates the inability of that country to face its past,” Naghdalyan said today.

“Surprisingly, the current authorities of Turkey, who never miss a chance to praise their Ottoman heritage, nervously react to the reference of the Treaty of Sevres which the same Ottoman Empire signed with a number of states including the Republic of Armenia. The Treaty of Sevres has been and will remain a historical fact, which cannot be edited or wiped away,’ she said.

‘While evading to face its past and urging others to “take lessons from history instead of animosity”, Turkey continues its traditional policy of justifying the Armenian Genocide and threatening the Armenian people with new atrocities.

Turkey’s steps towards undermining the peace and security in our region and its military posturing against Armenia are part of the expansionist policy of the Turkish Government which is aimed at destabilizing its neighboring regions.

Only the reconsideration of such policy and the capacity to face the past by Turkey will pave a way for genuine reconciliation between the peoples in our region,’ Anna Naghdalyan said.

Earlier, the Turkish Foreign Ministry said in a statement that “bringing up the Treaty of Sèvres which the Turkish nation overturned 100 years ago” is absurd.

It said “those who have the idea of achieving ‘sneaky goals’ should know that they will fail against Turkey’s determination to maintain its survival and national existence.”

Hadi Pasha signing for the Ottoman Empire

Signed on August 10, 1920 between the Allied Powers and the Ottoman Empire, the Treaty of Sèvres was designed to liquidate the Ottoman state and set a post-war peace agreement, following the latter’s defeat during the war.

By the Treaty of Sèvres, Turkey was to recognize Armenia as a free and independent state. Turkey and Armenia would agree to leave demarcation of the borders of the two countries in Erzrum, Trabzon, Van, and Bitlis provinces (vilayets) to the decision made by the United States (the arbitral award of President Woodrow Wilson which on November 22 will also mark its 100th anniversary) and accept his decision immediately and all other proposals – to provide Armenia with an access to the see and demilitarization of all Ottoman territories adjacent to the mentioned border line.

The Treaty of Sèvres was not fully ratified (which means it remains unperfected), but was never denounced either.

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