WASHINGTON, DC — Former national security adviser John Bolton has accused President Donald Trump of being motivated primarily by personal or financial interests in his dealings with Turkey, while questioning whether Trump should apply his business acumen to foreign policy.

NBC News reported Tuesday that Bolton made the comment at a private gathering last week in a global investment event organized by Morgan Stanley, at which he also reportedly took shots at Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump, who remain White House aides.

Bolton recalled how there was strong bipartisan support in Congress to sanction Turkey after Erdogan purchased a Russian missile defense system, defying the United States and NATO allies. But Trump didn’t share their appetite.

Bolton, who left the White House in September, hinted there was a reason for that. The Trump Organization has a property in Istanbul, Turkey’s capital.

More recently, after a phone call with Erdogan, Trump agreed to remove U.S. forces from northeast Syria to let Turkish forces come in. This put the U.S.’s Kurdish allies in jeopardy of being killed by the Turks.

Trump hosts Turkish President President Recep Tayyip Erdogan at the White House Wednesday.

  1. Corrupt Trump and his family found an excellent partner the criminal and corrupt Erdogan and his family. It not not a National Foreign Policy matter anymore, rather TWO CORRUPT FAMILY BUSINESS AFFAIRS. Trump’s contaminated dealings will have a negative effect on all international business dealings of the United States. How could Trump allow Erdogan, a member of NATO and an ”supposed ally of the U.S. Purchase military arms from Russia? Trump doesn’t realize the negative effect of this relationship on other NATO and U.S. Allies? JOHN Bolton is absolutely correct when he accuses Trump of putting Trump Business dealings ahead of the National Security Concerns of the United States. America is going to deal with all the NEGATIVE EFFECTS OF TRUMP POLICIES AND DEALING IN THE COMING YEARS. We will not be able to deal ANYMORE WITH GLOBAL CRISIS. Trump’s policies are catastrophic. Already it is too late to take correction measures. How many close individuals are in JAIL because of Trump’s corrupt dealings? Can We, can America afford to continue corrupt dealings ORIGINATED BY THE WHITE HOUSE?

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