YEREVAN — Chairwoman of the Jewish community in Armenia Rima Varzhapetian has addressed a message to the Israeli Knesset over an upcoming discussion on the recognition of the Armenian Genocide. The message reads:

Dear Mr. Edelstein!

Dear Members of Knesset!

The members of the Jewish community in Armenia with great excitement and hope learned about the upcoming discussion on the recognition of the Armenian Genocide in the Knesset session.

The Knesset embodies a collection of wise and morally upright people in the eyes of the Jewish Diaspora.

We lay high hopes on the Israeli Parliamentarians on their positive decision on the recognition of the tragedy of the Armenian people as Genocide.

If we want to build a future, we should honor the past and thereby set an example for the new generation.

From the appearance of the Genesis up to the creation of the State of Israel and up till now, our people, at the cost of enormous sacrifices, passed the highest moral test to meet the main requirements of the Almighty – the principle of Justice.

Realizing this, the people of the world, the Governments and the Parliaments of many countries closely monitor the position of the State of Israel and the Jewish Diaspora on this thorny issue – the recognition of the Armenian Genocide.

We, the Jews, make a historic choice by recognizing our moral principles as common and universal or relative and conditional, to please current political situation and the delusive “expediency”.

Looking straight in the eyes of the Armenians, undergoing immense sufferings, we, the Jews, see, as in the mirror, the sufferings of our people. The hearts of most Jews and Armenians are waiting with trepidation for the most important decision for the future of both peoples.

  1. Dear Rima,
    I view you urging with interest. Both my parents were surviviors. My birth name /my fathers family in Konya is Varjabedian a slightly dirfferent spelling and pronounciation(Turkish Armenian) of your husbands name!!!! Surviving males (of famil of 10) were my dad and uncles 11,7 and 5 Puzant, Nevdon(Newton) and Albert with a sister Victoria in USA. Any comments or connectons?

    Thank you for embracing the Armenian “fold”

    Edward Varjean Sedona AZ USA

  2. We plead to the moral conscience of our Jewish brothers and sisters….how painful for us for you not to recognize the Armenian Genocide and then add salt to the would by selling arms to the Azeri’s who are using them to kill innocent civilians. How shameful! Recognize the Armenian Genocide and stop selling arms to the Azeri’s. It would be same as Armenia denying the holocaust and selling arms to your enemies and having them used to attack Israel!

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