LOS ANGELES – A delegation of members of the Armenian Council of America recently met with Assemblymember Mike Gipson (D-Carson), to discuss matters related to the Armenian American community and to thank him for his stance on a decision by the City of Carson to erect a monument honoring Ataturk.

Weeks prior to the meeting, the City of Carson had a proposal to memorialize Ataturk in a city garden, honoring world leaders who were proponents of peace. The Armenian American community mobilized to fight this proposal at the City Council meeting. Assemblymember Gipson’s powerful letter, co-authored by other State Legislature Members, including Assemblymembers Gatto, Wilke, Nazarian and Achadjian swayed the vote to disapprove the statue.

During the meeting, Gipson reiterated his support: “Throughout our state, Armenian-Americans have made significant cultural, economic, and social contrubutions. As a member of the California State Legislature, I have been honored to be involved in events supporting the Armenian community. Whether through local efforts in my district to oppose a statue of the controversial Turkish leader Mustafa Ataturk, or supporting statewide legislation to commemorate the Armenian genocide. I have been proud to work alongside these individuals.”

“We commend Assemblymember Gipson for taking the courageous steps to stop a project that would have memorialized a heinous dictator,” said ACA Chairman Sevak Khatchadorian. “Ataturk’s reign of power further subjugated the Armenian people and other minorities in that region to suffering and discrimination. Erecting a statue to honor Ataturk would be the equivalent of honoring the memory of ruthless dictators like Stalin and Hitler. I’m also proud of the Armenian American community for organizing the protest against the project in such a short amount of time. It proves that more can be achieved through unity and solidarity.”

The Armenian Council of America is a grassroots organization dedicated to work with all political leaders, offering Armenian related news, analysis and resources for policymakers, media, students and activists, advocating issues important to Armenian Americans. The Armenian Council of America aims to strengthen U.S. – Armenia and U.S. – Nagorno Karabakh ties, the development of programs promoting sustainable economic growth and good governance in Armenia, while promoting the values and responsibilities of global citizenship.

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