MOSCOW — The Russian version of the book titled “Armenian Genocide in the Ottoman Empire. Testimonies of survivors. Collection of documents” was presented at the Armenian Embassy in Russia on March 19.

In his welcoming remarks, Armenian Ambassador to Russia Oleg Yesaian on the behalf of the Embassy and Russian Centennial Central Body expressed gratitude to all the attendees, for participation and targeted contribution to the activities of abovementioned Body. “Today, prominent representatives of Russian state, political and public spheres, including, distinguished members of Federation Council and friends Deputies of State Duma, well-known politicians and famous representatives of public, scientific and cultural spheres, who having been involved in various committees, through their activity, contribute to further deepening of strategic allied relations of Armenia and Russia and express continuous assistance to the process of international recognition and condemnation of the Armenian Genocide”, stressed the Ambassador.

The Ambassador attached importance to the publication of Russian version of the book, mentioning that it would contribute to rise of awareness on the Armenian Genocide in Russian society.

In her remarks, Director of State Archive of the Russian Federation Larisa Rogovaya mentioned that the Armenian Genocide is one of the tragic pages of the history that will always be kept in the memory of the international community and in archives worldwide. “And evidence suggests that researches, like work, drawn up by National Archives of Armenia, have immense influence in the process of international recognition and condemnation of tragedies of such kind”, noted L. Rogovaya, stressing that presented work is of scientific and historical importance.

Armenian-genocide-book-3In his message, Member of RF Federation Council and Armenian-Russian inter-parliamentary cooperation committee Igor Chernishenko stressed that the attention of the international community in the year 2015 is focused on anniversaries of two epoch-making events, i.e. 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide and 70th anniversary of victory in Great Patriotic War. According to him, those two major events unite Armenian and Russian peoples in the restoration of historical justice and the fight crimes against humanity. “It is well known, that 10 years ago Russian Parliament adopted statement, condemning the Genocide as gravest crime against humanity. We are ready to continue to exert efforts in the recognition of the Armenian Genocide. Full process of recognition of the Armenian Genocide requires undertaking of subsequent steps, and we are ready to bring necessary contribution to this”, mentioned Igor Chernishenko.

Director of Russian “Historic prospects” foundation, Ph.D in history, Dr. Natalya Narochnitskaya, Director at Political and social research institute in Black Sea and Caspian region Victor Nadein-Raevsky, Alexander Svarants, Ph.D. in Political Science, founder of “VAN” NGO Gagik Meliqyan and others delivered messages at the event. Speakers in their remarks recalled undeniable facts, i.e. anti-Armenian policy in the Ottoman Empire and committed genocide, attached importance to the modernization of Russian version of collection of documentary in the fight against denial policy and frequently encountered disinformation, rewriting and distortion of the history.

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