By Alla Luys

There was, there is and will be my land Armenia which was called heavenly place, a marvelous land, the world of braves continually for centuries.

A kind angel filled with the sun – Wonder-girl, defended my land. Apricot sprouts of her rose-blued dress shined like glitters of the golden light. Hems were covered by the sheer tuple of the red stones. The right arm of Wonder-girl was tied a green oversleeve which turquoise stones made shining beads as juicy clusters of grape.

The girl lived at the magnificent vales of the four rivers of heaven Euphrates, Tigris, Araks and Chorokh’s where the nightingales of Eden trilled and the blue lakes swayed.

The yellow wave of the gold-brocaded hair burned in the emerald sea of the Armenian mountains. With the fluent pacing of the dewy feet she took a walk through the hyacinth fields, decorating around with the luxury of her beauty.

When God filled all the globe with flood, the marvelous girl covered my land by her hair, defending it from the mighty death throes of the invincible disaster.

When the devastating rains stopped, the white pigeon took a good news to Noah about the existence of a green land which was the mountainous land of the persistent Armenian. Noah looked down and exclaimed: “Yes, the green land is appeared, I see it.”

He stopped the ark and decided firstly descending on the soil of my land and going round…

Enjoying the beauty of the green land, he saw Wonder-girl, admired her and wanted to realize her kind wishes.

-Make holy my land in order to there everything to be beautiful and tasty. Let the ages march of my nation never to move backward in front of eternal,- the girl asked.
And Noah blessed, that the people of this land to drink water from source, to enjoy the mellifluous fruits and the sweet-smelling wine.

-Apricot trees growing in your land will like to the browses of your dress, the opening cluster of the vine-stock will like to the shining green stones of your oversleeve. Fresh granules of the bitter-sweeted pomegranate will be opened as red beads decorating your hem. It will be the symbol of the Armenian nation.

-Seemingly these beads will be called garnets?- the girl asked.

-Yes,- Noah answered and continued,- that fruits at the no one corner of the world will not be as tasty as in your land. The unforgettable taste of the Armenian cognac will leave an impress on the lips of people. In the blue mirror of the pearly lake will swim the gleaming clouds filled with a dream. The unique stock of the sweet water will become source of life for the Armenian nation. The golden-crowned sun of Ararat field will ignite embellishment-veiled springs and fiery summers.

He hung a cross from the neck of the girl and said.”Your nation will be the first in the world to adopt Christianity”.

Wonder-girl listened the promises of Noah with joy. But Noah knew that ash is gave after fire.

-Yes, the visions of your nation, their gleaming aspirations will be as great and beautiful as Ararat mountain. But the way of reaching to those will be as difficult as the struggle of conquering to the mountain peak,- Noah said and saying goodbye her disappeared suddenly.

Wonder-girl collected the bunch of hair, went round with joy through the peaceful cornfields and hill-decorated lowlands of my land.

Centuries pass. Enemies listened about the boons of my land and came to conquer it. Infront of the feral claws and the unquenchable appetite of there even the guardian-angel was powerless.

Boons of my land were so tasty that was torn lacerated by enemy, ruined the land. Seeing this, Wonder-girl became friend with wind, ran through the mountains and rivers, being every where. She went with the dream road of living peaceful, stretching out the hand to the green sprouts of the existence laurel. Faded glitters of the sun dripped shady dark, filling the world with the dim rises of the becoming ash light. It was a national sorrow, but was also a promise of regeneration. The wearing moan of the infinite miss brought alarm to Wonder-girl. The red blah of the bleeding wound knitted songs of sharp pain to which the world did not response.¬

Footsteps of Wonder-girl became stones, trying to close the road of enemy. That is why my land is full of stones. Stones, stones and rocky mountains are every where.

The girl ran, ran, rising to the holy mountain Ararat’s top. Looking down she saw the unruly destroyed of the mighty enemy. Even the stones were being powerless. The enemy robbed, slayed as much as possible…

From the heavenly place land remains a diminutive piece.

Gold-brocaded hair of Wonder-girl became white from the grief. The white waterfall of hair she wrapped to the top of the holy mountain, covered it and stayed sat-petrified the sun look stared to the suffering heart of the lacerated land.

The every Armenian’s dream is rising to the peak of mountain Ararat, standing on its ice-cold top. But not all the people are succeeded to do it: the icy spirit of Wonder-girl closes the road of the mountaineer, making difficult the process of rise. Ararat is the mountain of obstinates. Wonder-girl lets rising to the mountain and closing to her the unique people.

Promises of Noah, as existence green rags, are merged to the everlasting breath of life: my people became the first Christian nation of our planet, clothing colors of Wonder-girl decorate the flag of Armenia today.

Our hopes are emerged to the fighting spirit, sorrows are knitted to the gleaming rises of the winning faith.

The Armenian passes fired in the roads of the concerned life, keeping inextinguishable the golden lamp of the sublime yearnings.

This legend hasn’t been ended, stayed unfinished: the girl will breath again some day, will descend from the peak of the mountain, will go round through the roads of Armenia, the countless-innumerable stones will make brave soldiers, will heal the blooded wounds of my nation and will live safely in my land. With her sun-eyes will bring glad mornings and light-evenings.

Amalya (Alla) is 22 years old, lives in the Republic of Armenia. She writes novelettes, large-scale legends and universal articles. She has participated in a literary competition, winning first prize and diploma

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