As a result of another provocation by Azerbaijan, four soldiers of the Artsakh Defense Army lost their lives, causing sorrow and anger among Armenians. The impact of this event led the Artsakh Parliament to demand that the Armenian delegation cease the negotiations being held in Washington under the auspices of the United States.

“The continuation of the negotiations means encouraging the aggressive behavior of the Azerbaijani side and giving it legitimacy at the international level,” the Parliament’s statement read.

The mental state under which this statement of the deputies was written is understandable. Seven months into the blockade, deepening humanitarian crisis, and international indifference, all have naturally affected the ability of every Armenian, especially the citizens of Artsakh, to think calmly. However, regardless of the circumstances, emotional moments should not influence political calculations, to prevent Azerbaijan from implementing its not-so-hidden agendas.

It is clear that the Azeri side, with its daily threats and provocations, is seeking justification to attack Artsakh and Armenia. Recently, the enemy’s defense minister declared that “it will not take much effort to disarm the remaining illegal military formations in Karabakh.” The military operations taking place on the Artsakh-Azerbaijan border are preparations for a large-scale invasion. The ongoing negotiations, whether in Washington, Brussels, or Moscow, are the only deterrent currently restraining Azerbaijan.

Washington and Brussels, in particular, openly discuss the rights and security of Artsakh Armenians. Moreover, Moscow is more forcefully demanding the opening of the Lachin Corridor. The suspension of Armenian-Azeri negotiations will be perceived by these three important international centers as a step aimed at thwarting their efforts, thus granting Aliyev greater freedom to act.

These negotiations are also crucial for buying time. It is no secret that Armenia is currently not ready for a large-scale war. However, efforts to modernize the Armenian army, equip it with modern weapons, and adapt a new military and strategic doctrine are underway. In recent decades, the military balance between Armenia and Azerbaijan was disrupted due to the indifference of former governments. Restoring the balance requires time and money. The current government is determined to make the necessary financial investments for the country’s security. The issue of time will be resolved by continuing the negotiations.

Our intention is not to criticize the deputies of the Artsakh Parliament. We simply need to approach the issues calmly and consider the broader picture until more favorable conditions are created to use the freezing of negotiations as a means to achieve specific objectives.

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