Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan briefed the public on the forthcoming trilateral meeting between himself, Russian President Putin and the dictator of Azerbaijan Aliyev, during which it is expected that an agreement will be reached on the creation of a commission to start the border demarcation process. “There is an impression out there that a paper will be signed on the results of demarcation. Such a thing is not possible. It will not be written on that paper that the border will cross here and there. This last formulation will be based on the work of that commission,” said the Prime Minister.

Despite these clear and simple statements by Pashinyan, well-known groups inside and outside Armenia continue to generate an atmosphere of panic, which exclusively serves the interests of the enemy. For months, the media, politicians, and commentators have been talking about non-existent documents, non-existent “corridors” and concessions. All such previous predictions did not materialize. The authorities kept their promises and the issue of the “Zangezur Corridor” is no longer on the negotiating table. Turkey and Azerbaijan indeed continue to talk about it, but everything depends on Yerevan, whose position is clear on this matter. Agreeing on open roads for traffic through the sovereign territory of Armenia, but on a reciprocal basis. Recent border attacks like the previous ones failed to change the principled position of the Armenian side and the army, although weakened by the war, were able to stop the large-scale advances of the enemy and its attempts to seize the “corridor” by force.

In recent days, some opposition members were rallying in Yerevan, blocking roads and feeding the people with misinformation about the expected agreement, in hopes of turning them against the government. These protests are not large in scope, but the extensive media campaign inevitably affects the mood of the public, as well as the morale of the servicemen in the military. These forces are doing the enemy’s work by creating panic and alarm within Armenia. Their sole purpose is to topple the current government and seize power. What they failed to achieve through the ballot box, they are trying to accomplish by destabilizing the country and dividing the people, willingly or unwillingly serving the interests of the enemy.

At this time, Armenia needs internal unity – the remaining issues depend on it. The head of state must be able to sit at the negotiating table with the support of his people. At present, the head of the state is Pashinyan and he is the one who is authorized to conduct foreign policy and is not obliged to publicly account for every step of negotiations, which can last for many years. If the goal is for the authorities to not make concessions and for the army to become a force to be reckoned with, then cyber and media “terrorism” must stop and remain within the bounds of legitimate opposition, inside and outside the Parliament.
That is what is required in the interest of the country.

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  1. For Azeri troops to occupy areas of Armenia prior to demarcation is clearly wrong.

    Azerbaijan is trying to predetermine the outcome by force.

    But the larger question for Armenia is this: If the opposition to Pashinyan has specific suggestions as to what Pashinyan should be doing, why don’t they tell us what they are?

    I myself have heard nothing from them except “we disagree.”

    They appear content to let Putin dictate terms.

    Of course, Putin is the one who is betraying Armenia so it’s not clear why Armenians should be listening to such a betrayer.

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