Russian Ambassador: New Realities Require Revision of Approaches Towards Russian-Armenian Relations
YEREVAN (Arka) –The latest dramatic events and the changing realities require an adjustment of the Russian-Armenian relations, Russian Ambassador to Armenia Sergei Kopyrkin said today when speaking at a forum titled “Armenia and Russia: Imperative of a New Strategy”.

According to the ambassador, it is worth thinking about how to eliminate the growing imbalance between the deep strategic relations between Russia and Armenia in such areas as defense, security, economy, and those external vectors that prevail in such important issues as ways of further development and the value orientations of the society.

Kopyrkin pointed out profound and dynamic changes occurring in the world, in the South Caucasus region and in the broader areas surrounding this region.

“In fact, behind these sometimes dramatic events there is an obvious tendency towards the formation of a new world order. Now various forces, powers, blocs of powers, alliances of powers are fighting for positions in this new, not yet fully known world order,” he said…

The ambassador noted that the competition is growing taking sometimes very dramatic forms that are not always acceptable from the point of view of the traditional diplomacy of international relations. According to him, the struggle is becoming multifaceted developing into what is called “hybrid war,” a new term, which is still difficult to fully understand.

“Under these conditions, relations between traditional allies, relations that have been tested for centuries, become even more important. The majority of the population of Russia and Armenia feels the value of these relations,” he stressed.

Kopyrkin said that this is the common property of Russia and Armenia, which helps and will help the countries to more successfully defend their interests in this difficult world.

“We all very vividly remember those dramatic events that took place a year ago (the war in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict zone unleashed by Azerbaijan together with Turkey). It was Russia that in that difficult period for Armenia and the Armenian people was next to Armenia, gave her a shoulder, and in general, in practical terms, Russia was the only one who was together with Armenia,” he said.

According to Kopyrkin, now various partners from different regions of the world are trying to get something of their own from the new, changing regional layouts, but a year ago “everyone was mostly modest and shyly silent.”

“A friend in need is a friend indeed. That complex of very deep bilateral relations, rooted in history which meet the challenges of our time, is our common heritage,” he said.

  1. It was Russia that in that difficult period for Armenia and the Armenian people was next to Armenia, gave her a shoulder, and in general, in practical terms, Russia was the only one who was together with Armenia,” he said.
    Well and exactly because of that, Armenia lost many territories and fate of Armenian people in the hand of those who openly are hostile to Armenians and are willing to commit a second genocide against them. Armenians need REAL friends.

  2. I don’t understand how the Russian Ambassdor to Armeania Mr Sergei Kopyrking can say the following

    “”It was Russia that in that difficult period for Armenia and the Armenian people was next to Armenia, gave her a shoulder, and in general, in practical terms, Russia was the only one who was together with Armenia” !!!

    What did they do during the 44 days of war ? they sat on their B??? and did nothing.

  3. This Russian’s speech is a puzzle.

    Maybe he should just come out and say what he means.

    As for his statement that Russia is standing by Armenia, he has to be kidding.

  4. Exactly. They solds Armenians to the Turks and their minions in Azerbaijan. A classic example of betrayal. Punin out to be ashamed of himself, and that should be lesson to every one who trust him.

  5. Armenia has to learn from its proud and difficult history. It needs to ally itself with China (New World Order), and distance itself gradually from US, UK, Russia, old soviet republics, NATO, EU and others in the middle east. The later are all racist, selfish, inhumane, undemocratic, barbaric countries, groups, continents, organizations etc., which have, and continue to commit crimes against humanity, cause instability around the world, fund terrorists and/or work with terrorists around the globe i.e. Turkey and Azerbaijan. One just needs to study the modern history of these countries, and the systems they’ve created, in particular, the UK, and one would quickly realize the gods of these nations are currencies and manipulation/creation of currencies. They would like to brainwash the youth, and use them as slaves (paying taxes till death), to pay/feed their old peoples pension funds, so they can live comfortably till their death. In addition to this, their collective goal is to destroy all proud ancient civilizations and infrastructures, because they themselves have no history, and as mentioned previously, have barbaric/inhumane roots. Armenians have lived with these ‘supposed’ allies/acquaintances, and I understand the complex politics/discussions behind closed doors (in the UK,US, Russia), but Armenia should give China a chance, same as it has with other nations. The question Armenia should ask itself – what have these ‘allies’ offered Armenians during the most difficult periods in their history, and these offers should not be solely be focused on monetary means (printed money-no value). Armenia should think about, and focus on its people and future/current youth, making sure they have all the necessities of education, health and job prosperity, to make Armenia GREAT again, to make others jealous with envy 4ever. Its time for Armenia to think for itself and its own interests.

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