The Armenian Council of America expresses deep concerns regarding the agreement reportedly signed by Russia, Azerbaijan and Armenia. We stand united with our brethren in Armenia and Artsakh, and all Armenians around the world.

At this difficult time it is vital we remain focused on advocating for the recognition of Artsakh, the self-determination of the citizens who exercised their legal right to independence, and the preservation of Armenia’s and Artsakh’s democratic institutions.

Armenia and Artsakh must continue to develop democratically, and no external or internal force must obstruct the democratic process. The United States should play a leadership role in aiding Armenia and the Armenian people, who have been ravaged by the immense toll of the war crimes perpetrated against them.

Over the last 44 days, Azerbaijan, Turkey and ISIS mercenaries from the Middle East, have committed war crimes on Artsakh civilians and prisoners of war. We call on the United States government to condemn these barbaric acts and to fully enforce Section 907 of the Freedom Support Act, and impose military and economic sanctions on both Azerbaijan and Turkey for expanding the Turkish terrorist network into the Caucasus.

The United States must direct the OSCE-led peace process, and we urge the inclusion of the duly elected Artsakh government as a equal partner in upcoming negotiations and in any final peace agreement.

Armenian Americans must continue to be engaged with our elected representatives to ensure that our voices are heard.

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  1. The Russians cannot safeguard anything in Armenia and Karabach as Putin has stategic interests in Turkey and has partnered with Erdogan in several occasions including the delivery of S400 missiles and nuclear power stations in Turkish grounds. Armenia should be ready for the worst, should be strong enough to resist and challenge Erdogan’s plans for the revival of the Ottoman Empire. The real enemy is not Azerbaijan, is the Islamist rerrorist Recep Tagip Erdogan and this is where you should pay attention to when you talk with US authorities. And of course, strengthen your ties with the Greek-American community in USA as well as with Greece and in extention with the rest of the EU (both polically and militarily).

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