In the human tribe, the artists form a class, where their members do not only live life, which brings happiness and anxiety, but also use their natural ability of grace and skills to share their life, feelings, visions and dreams with human kind. They choose colors, forms, voice modulations and movements for translating every feeling. Without the articulation of which, many lack the ability to communicate and express them gracefully.

Lidia Tchakerian is an artist who has chosen the colors and forms to be her inner being, she freezes the segments of her inner world onto the canvas, where there were conflicts, as well as her own idealism against the troubles of the times.

She was raised during the difficult times of Lebanon and had entered the Fine Art world with big steps. At the second half of the 80’s and war’s most difficult times, she continued her education with success and graduated from the most prestigious and famous University ALBA [Academie Lebanese des Beaux-Arts].

More Significantly with her first steps of entering the art world, she carries the Armenian beat and soul. She was given the first prize of ALBA in the final competition for her Masters Diploma where she presented “La Dance de La Mort” to the judges. It was a large-scale oil painting inspired from the “Dance” poem, which was written by the famous Armenian poet Siamanto prior to the troubled years of the Armenian Genocide.

The subject of this painting was her choosing, not just because of her knowledge of the Armenian literary legacy, but also because of the state of war that she and her generation had endured in Lebanon. What our great poet Siamanto felt in the years prior to the Armenian Genocide made an impression in her inner world.

After entering the art world, Lidya expanded her world more by traveling with big steps. She continues today because she has so much to enlighten and reveal not only about Lebanon and Armenians but also about the world. She strives to be limitless: she transforms herself and her passion into warm, ever flowing lava from volcano, as with all the faithful artists do to their callings, without stopping or dropping her armor against life’s difficulties and challenges. Her traveling took her to new heights of achievements. She participated in more then 50 selective solo and group exhibitions through out Lebanon, Europe, Asia and United States.

Lidya has gained wide recognition from Armenian and foreign press, her biography is featured in the “Encyclopedia of Prominent Armenian Women” published in Yerevan, Armenia 2011, she has won Lebanese and International Prizes for her outstanding works of Art. Moreover, she has introduced her accumulated treasures of artistic knowledge with future painters who are trying to enter the art world, as art professor and instructor at ALBA, Toros Roslin Academy and other educational settings.

Lidya has many forms of expressions, starting from classical portrait, to impressionism, abstractionism and sometimes knocking on the door of expressionism, and reaching to new expressions. She loves to work on large-scale canvases so her artworks are widespread, filling the art spectator’s eyes and soul. They express thoughts, crystallized imaginations and feelings that have passed through her inner world and soul.

Recently, her steps took her to Los Angeles, where She will have a solo exhibition. To have a previous look at Lidya’s work you can visit her website, but to be connected and enjoy her works of art, visiting the exhibition is highly recommended.

The official opening of the Exhibition “Parce Que La Vie Est Belle” is on Friday 3 June at 6:00 pm the exhibition continues on Saturday 4 June from 10:00 – 9:00 pm
Western Prelacy 6252 Honolulu Ave.

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