LOS ANGELES — The Law Offices of Vartkes Yeghiayan, the firm of Kabateck Brown Kellner and the firm of Geragos and Geragos jointly announce that they have amicably resolved their differences which arose from the settlement of Armenian Genocide Claims in the AXA litigation pending in federal court. Specifically, the lawsuit filed by Geragos and Geragos and Kabateck Brown Kellner (Case No. 2:11-CV-03043-CAS-AGR), against Mr. Yeghiayan, Rita Mahdessian and a number of charities is being dismissed with prejudice forthwith. Further, the parties have agreed on a process for the review of all costs and charitable awards that the parties have made incident to the AXA settlement. The parties have also agreed to request that the Federal District Court keep and maintain jurisdiction over the finalization of both the claims process as well as the fulfillment of the terms of this settlement agreement among the law firms.

The AXA Insurance Claims Action was a milestone case. It was originally filed by Vartkes Yeghiayan and Brian Kabateck in February 2002 in Federal District Court in Los Angeles. Its intent was threefold: to honor the victims and martyrs of the Armenian Genocide; to foster public awareness and recognition of the Armenian Genocide; and to compensate descendants of those policyholders who were killed in the Armenian Genocide with the rightful monetary benefit that insurance companies had denied them in the decades following the horrendous deaths of their parents and grandparents.

The lawyers who filed the case are aware that the AXA case is meager compensation for the fathomless injustice committed upon the Armenian people. They know that while they cannot undo the dark pages of Armenian history, they must continue to fight for justice. The day in which Armenians cease to fight to correct even the smallest of injustices they have suffered, such as the failure of insurance companies to honor contracts signed by Armenians in their homeland, is the day in which the genocide which was begun in 1915 will be completely accomplished.

It is for this reason that the lawyers involved have all renewed their deep commitment to justice for their community and their forefathers. They have applied that commitment to the AXA case through their zealous advocacy.

In the words of Mr. Yeghiayan: “We must not lose sight of our main objective ? which is a measure of justice for the heirs of the victims. The Armenian community expects an orderly and transparent conclusion of this case.”

Mark Geragos, commenting on the settlement, said: “Brian Kabateck and I are pleased with this resolution because it will allow all of us to finalize the settlement agreement, resolve all claims accounting issues and conclude any remaining issues between the lawyers. The resolution of this case is as important as continuing the fight to bring justice for all Genocide victims.”

The parties expect a final accounting and Court order in connection with the AXA settlement to be issued within 90 days.

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