By Odette Bazil

In the year Zero AD a young Nazarine was crucified because he spoke of love, justice and penance, because the weak and frightened Governor who was in charge of his destiny, careful not to displease his superiors, washed his hands clean of any responsibility and threw him to the mercy of a crowd of barbarians who asked for his death… and because it was so easy those days to kill a man.
In the year 2007 AD, a young Armenian was gunned down in broad daylight in Turkey because he too spoke of love, justice and penance, because the weak and frightened government who was in charge of his destiny and should have protected him, careful not to displease his superiors – the Deep State who is in reality ruling Turkey- washed his hands of any responsibility and threw him to the mercy of the ones who had already signed his death sentence and organised his assassination …. and because it is so easy these days – as it was in 1915 – to kill an Armenian in Turkey.
The man was Hrant Dink. He was a journalist asking for Justice, asking for Democracy, asking for the Recognition of the most horrid crime of Genocide. With his death he joined the million and half Armenians who have already been killed in Turkey because of the greed the Turkish government of the day had for their land and just because they were Armenians. Hrant Dink became the 1.500.001th victim of the barbarism, racism and injustice which are the basis of Penal Code 301 , part of the Turkish Constitution.
On 19th January 2012, day of the Fifth Anniversary of Hrant Dink’s murder, thousands marched in the streets of Turkey asking for REAL justice and for the disclosure by the present Turkish government of the REAL names of the perpetrators. Thousands carried posters claiming “we are all Hrant Dink , we are all Armenian”.

Undoubtedly, next year the demonstrators will be carrying posters urging the Turkish authorities: “Down with Penal Code 301”, “Remove Penal Code 301 from our Constitution””!!!! But, as it is becoming increasingly apparent from the international reactions to the injust and linient verdict issued by the Turkish Courts for the committed crime , and from the statements made by many dignitaries around the world, NEXT YEAR THE NUMBER OF PROTESTERS WILL BE THOUSANDS-FOLD!!!! With the slogans displayed on their posters, they will be blatantly violating that unfamous Penal Code 301. Will Turkey have enough jails to house them all?
The time has come, it is NOW for the Turkish Authorities to acknowledge their sinister past, remove Penal Code 301, adopt Democracy, Justice and consideration for each and everyone’s Human Rights in their Constitution , create a tolerant and civilised society who can live in peace and harmony with its neighbours and with every Nation on this earth.

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