Shahbazian Foundation founders, Prof. Joseph Shahbazian and Dr. Bella Margarian

BOSTOM, MA — The Shahbazian foundation was established in 2014 by Professor Joseph Shahbazian and Dr. Bella Margarian. Professor Joseph Shahbazian is a distinguished physicist, medical engineer, author, inventor, and philanthropist, while Dr. Bella Margarian is a higher education administrator, author, inventor, and philanthropist. The Shahbazian Nonprofit Foundation was established in memory of their beloved brother, Janson Shahbazian. This family foundation is dedicated to supporting direct charitable activities in forgotten villages of Armenia.   They have supported hundreds of pupils and students from the remote villages of Armenia since 2014 with computers, scholarships and stationery. The founders were supporting the students of schools in different regions of Armenia such as Tavush, Martuni and Ijevan, since 1990s when they were still university students. Now students of those school have become teachers and employees of the same schools.

The Shahbazian Foundation’s mission is to enhance the quality of education and expand educational opportunities within Armenia and the Armenian community by creating and improving academic, financial, and other resources for such purposes. They are committed to unlocking the potential of young Armenians, expanding access to resources and services, and investing in the well-being of young Armenians. The Foundation focuses on STEM programs by facilitating student development, encouraging excellence through creative learning, and promoting community/school partnerships. By targeting marginalized and underprivileged groups and individuals, the organization addresses systemic inequalities in access to quality education. Whether through scholarships in remote areas or supplementary educational resources, they strive to ensure that every Armenian child and youngster has the opportunity to learn, thrive, and pursue a meaningful, productive life.

The Foundation plans periodic lectures by inviting professionals and academicians world wide for lectures and training on timely topics around Armenia. One of the key strengths of this nonprofit organization is the ability to innovate and adapt to the diverse needs of society. From implementing technology-driven learning platforms to promoting experiential learning opportunities, the organization pioneers new educational approaches that engage students and equip them with the skills needed to succeed in the 21st century.

According to the founders of this foundation, education is paramount for societal progress and individual empowerment in today’s rapidly evolving world. Despite its importance, access to quality education remains a significant challenge for many, especially those living in underserved communities. In bridging this gap, the Shahbazian Nonprofit Foundation plays a crucial role in championing educational initiatives that uplift marginalized communities in Armenia, empower individuals, and foster long-term socio-educational development.

By empowering remote villages through tailored educational initiatives, this charity is changing lives, transforming communities, and shaping the future. Through strategic investments, the Shahbazian Foundation breaks down barriers and unlocks every child’s potential, one village at a time.

The Foundation has spent about five hundred thousand dollars for their projects in the last ten years. Looking ahead, the Shahbazian Foundation is committed to continuing its efforts towards educational reforms and rejuvenation. As the Foundation celebrates its tenth anniversary in 2024, they have committed to a one-million-dollar budget for the next five years to reform and rejuvenate the science curriculum in high schools of the Gegharkoonik region in Armenia. This initiative aims to enhance the quality and relevance of science education in the area, giving students a solid foundation for future academic and professional pursuits. The Foundation’s efforts will profoundly impact the lives of the students in the region, providing them with the necessary tools to succeed in the modern world. The Shahbazian Foundation is a tax-exempt 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization  registered in The Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

The Shahbazian Foundation can be followed, reached, supported, collaborated with, learned from, engaged with, advocated for, and celebrated by following them on Facebook: Shahbazian Foundation and Shahbazian Foundations, Linkedin: Shahbazian Foundation.



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