Azerbaijan is Abandoning Agreements Reached on International Platforms and With Armenia

YEREVAN — Armenia Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, in a lengthy interview with the British newspaper The Daily Telegraph, reiterated that Armenia Armenia does not any longer rely on Russia as its main military and defense partner because Russia.

“We have not said that we deny and reject cooperation with Russia in general and in the security sector in particular. What we have said is that we are going to diversify our relations in the security sector. What does this mean? Does this mean that we are going to break our security relationship with Russia? No, it doesn’t mean that, but it means that in the field of security, we are preparing and ready, and we are discussing and working to establish relations, for example, with the European Union, which is already a reality by and large, with France, which is already a reality by and large, with the United States, which is already by and large a reality, with the Islamic Republic of Iran, which is already by and large a reality, with India, which is already by and large a reality, and with many other countries. Our security relations with the United States, or France, or India, or the European Union are not naturally directed against Russia. This is simply the consequence of the reality that the security relationships we used to have in the past do not address our security needs.

As to NATO, this is not an item on our agenda. In other words, we have not and are not discussing NATO membership. We do have partnership relations with NATO, and there is nothing new there. We used to have an Individual Partnership Action Plan, now that program is being reformatted into a certain partnership format that doesn’t imply membership. I will also tell you something that we are at least a de jure member of the CSTO today, and I am not sure if there are discussions on that topic in general, or rather in Armenia, as to how well the alliance-based strategy corresponds to Armenia’s interests, in general, in the long term.’

Asked about the peace process between Armenia and Azerbaijan, Pashinyan stated that  architecture and principles of the peace treaty have been agreed upon. But Azerbaijan has been abandoning agreements reached.

“At the end of last year it seemed to us that we were very close to finally agreeing on the text of the final treaty, but then Azerbaijan three times refused to participate in negotiations in different formats, after which presidential elections in Azerbaijan were scheduled. And, in fact, we are still on this point, and I assume that after the presidential elections, we will be able to achieve implementation of these points, ‘Pashinyan said.

He said if there is political will (on part of Azerbaijan). the Armenian government, as before, has the political will to precisely go for peace in the region and to sign a peace treaty with Azerbaijan based on all previously reached agreements..

Pashinyan recalled what military strikes were carried out against Nagorno Karabakh and, in fact, Nagorno Karabakh was completely depopulated as a result of ethnic cleansing.

He said there are analysts who believe that Azerbaijan is retreating step by step and abandoning the agreements reached on international platforms and with Armenia.

The Republic of Armenia is ready to be as close to the European Union as the EU deems it possible, Pashinyan said, when asked whether the country wants to move towards the EU and whether it is reasonable.

” It is obvious that the relations between Armenia and the European Union are deepening and it is obvious that the relations between Armenia and the European Union are deepening, including under the conditions and because of the implementation of the “Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement”. But, of course, on the other hand, it is obvious that the relations between Armenia and the European Union are getting closer because, according to the international community, we have visible successes in implementing democratic reforms.,” he said.

According to Pashinyan, this nuance is very important for understanding the situation and many events that are taking place in Armenia.

“We are not turning away from anyone. We are implementing the messages received from our people. And that message is primarily about democratic reforms. And democracy, democratic reforms, the development of a democratic society are not agendas caused by certain circumstances. I have stated many times that this is a strategy for us, and in my speech in the European Parliament I stated that we will continue the implementation of these strategies, we will continue these reforms. And I said that the Republic of Armenia is ready to be as close to the European Union as the European Union deems it possible.,” the prime minister said.


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