YEREVAN — The Armenian Defense Ministry said that Azerbaijani military units opened fire around 16:00, April 11 at Armenian servicemen who were conducting engineering work in the direction of Tegh community, a border village in southeastern Syunik province.

The skirmishes left four Armenians soldiers dead and six others wounded, according to the ministry.

For its part Azerbaijan reported that three of its soldiers were killed during the firefight.

The clashes began in a border area where the Azerbaijani army took up new positions on March 30 after advancing into sovereign Armenian territory adjacent to the Lachin corridor connecting Armenia to Nagorno-Karabakh.

The clash had “significantly decreased” in intensity by 7 p.m. local time, Armenia’s Defense Ministry said in a follow-up message.

Late last month Azerbaijani troops had advanced 100-300 meters into Armenia at five points along the two countries’ border. That included the area around Tegh.

Armenia’s National Security Service (NSS) claimed on April 1 that the situation in the area “improved significantly” after negotiations held by Armenian and Azerbaijani officials.

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  1. As long as we allow the Azeris do as they please with no resistance or fighting and allow then take over
    our territories and strategic positions worse and worse things will happen.
    WHERE IS OUR REDLINE. When are our government and defence forces going to wake up and act.
    The EXCALATION excuses have not and ARE NOT WORKING.
    Stop believing their REPEATED lies/Promises, Believe their behavior, their atrocities and progressive aquisition of our defenseless territories
    Enough is enough. WAKE UB BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE.
    Bedros Kojian

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