On September 24-27, the 22nd Congress of the Social Democrat Hunchakian Party convened in Yerevan, Armenia, coinciding with the 135th anniversary of the Party’s founding. More than 70 delegates representing 14 countries and Armenia discussed the current problems and challenges facing the Armenian people, as well as issues related to the internal life of the Party.

At the outset, the Congress condemned the aggressive actions of Azerbaijan within the borders of Armenia, while also expressing satisfaction with the resistance shown by the Armenian army at the cost of enormous sacrifices.

As a result of the deliberations, more than a dozen resolutions were adopted, clarifying the positions of the Party on various issues of concern to the Armenian people.

The Congress recorded, in the process of strengthening democracy, Armenia has already demonstrated serious achievements, receiving high praise and recognition from the international community. The Congress found that it is necessary to fight at all costs so that these achievements are not undone.

The Congress also positively evaluated the economic reforms that took place in recent years, the elimination of monopolies, the fight against corruption, the creation of new jobs, and the increase of benefits allocated to the poor. All these will contribute to the slowing down of emigration and will aspire citizens to establish their future in their homeland.

The Congress also highlighted the need for reforms in the judicial system of Armenia and expressed concern about the slow progression of such reforms.

The Congress expressed its deep concern with the attempts to keep the internal political life of the country in turmoil and found that the serious and existential challenges facing the Motherland can be overcome only through unity.

The Congress welcomed the multi-polar foreign policy conducted by the Armenian government and noted the importance of further strengthening these relations with all the states that support the independence of Armenia, contribute to the strengthening of democracy, and are ready to support the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Armenia.

The Congress called on the allied states and organizations to commit to their obligations aimed at protecting the security and territorial integrity of Armenia, the failure of which rightly causes confusion and anger among the Armenian people.

The Congress reaffirmed the conviction that a strong and modernized Armenian army, with a united Armenian people behind it, remains the sole guarantor of maintaining Armenia’s independence and territorial integrity.

Discussing the current situation of the settlement process of the Nagorno Karabakh issue, the Congress reaffirms its conviction that the Nagorno Karabakh issue should be resolved based on the international principle of the right to self-determination, within the framework of the OSCE Minsk Group.

The Congress also highlighted the need for the Republic of Artsakh to be fully integrated into the negotiation process.

The Party commended the Artsakh leadership and its freedom loving people’s decision to remain on their ancestral land.

The Congress highlighted the need to make Armenia-Diaspora relations more practical and to utilize the Diaspora’s potential more effectively, especially by incorporating Diaspora experts in various governmental departments managing the vital spheres of the Republic of Armenia. In this regard, the revision of Article 148 of the Constitution is a priority to eliminate unnecessary obstacles.

The Congress also discussed the current situation of the Diaspora and expressed its concern regarding the economic and security crises prevailing in the Armenian communities of the Middle East and found that it is necessary to keep those communities functioning at all costs and prevent their dissolution. If Armenians decide to leave their current communities, they should be directed to emigrate to Armenia. In that regard, the Congress, once again highlighted the need to develop a comprehensive program of repatriation to the homeland with nationwide efforts, the main goal of which should be the creation of sufficient conditions for the returning families, so that they can permanently settle on their native land.

After discussing the Armenia-Turkey relations, the 22nd Congress positively assessed the ongoing negotiation process between Armenia and Turkey and noted the need for the establishment of normal and predictable relations between the two neighboring and sovereign states, provided that the negotiations take place without preconditions, and as a manifestation of goodwill, Turkey must first open its borders with Armenia, which it unilaterally closed.

The Congress stressed that the process of negotiations does not mean giving up the historical demands of the Armenian people towards Turkey and this issue cannot become subject of negotiations.

SDHP Central Committee
October 3, 2022,Yerevan


October 3, 2022

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