STEPANAKERT — Two Armenian soldiers were killed in new Azerbaijani attack, Artsakh’s Defense Ministry reports. The soldiers have been identified as Gurgen Gabrielyan and Artur Khachatryan.

Another 14 servicemen have received injuries of various degrees. Karabakh’s Defense Army said that its soldiers died as a result of Azerbaijani drone attacks.

Starting from 09:00 today, in gross violation of the ceasefire regime, Azerbaijani units targeted the combat positions of the Defense Army and the permanent deployment location of one of the military units, using mortars, grenade launchers and strike drones, in addition to firearms of various calibers.

The Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Artsakh shares the sorrow of the heavy loss and expresses its support to the family and friends of the fallen servicemen.

The Defense Ministry says measures are being taken to stabilize the situation in cooperation with the command of the Russian troops carrying out a peacekeeping mission in the Republic of Artsakh.

As of 18:00, the operational tactical situation is relatively stable.

President of the Artsakh Republic Arayik Harutyunyan has signed a decree, according to which a partial military mobilization was declared in the republic from August 3, 2022.

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  1. Clearly these attacks are not going to stop. From the outside looking in it certainly looks like the Armenian government is busy with infighting and the maintaining of power and less with the preparation for another war which is almost certain to come. Aliyev has his foot on our throat and is going to use his every advantage to leverage his power against us. When I read the headline “Armenia Calls on the International Community to Stop Azerbaijani Aggression” all I can think of is, as a nation we are on our own. We can’t count on anyone else to do the work for us, we must create the initiative for self defense from within. So Mr. Pashinyan, what are you going to do? Are you getting your military and the people of Armenia ready for what is coming? Have you used all of the resources at your disposal to prepare, for example enlisting foreign governments willing to share and help in military preparations and possible effective strategies for battlefield success? Azerbaijan has oil money, but we have a diaspora with great resources. Have you engages them and tapped into those resources in a way that might change the balance of power? Have you researched and invested in defense against drones? Have you created or bought or borrowed your own drone technology? Or are you using your time and energy maintaining your advantage over the minority parties of Armenia? Unfortunately, I feel certain that we are going to find out.

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