YEREVAN (ArmInfo) — ‘Today, we do not claim the land of the modern Republic of Armenia. We do not intend to return by military means Yerevan, or Meghri, Goris. But I’m sure that time will come, and we, Azerbaijanis, will return to all our historic lands,’ President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev said while visiting Terter region.

According to him, Azerbaijan will achieve this by consistent policies and peacefully: ‘All objective reasons show that this day will come. Just each of us has to bring this day closer. How? We must become even stronger. In today’s world the concept of ‘international law,’ it can be said, has failed. Now the main factor is strength. This is true. We live in the real world. So we have to become even stronger, to create a more powerful army. The economy should become stronger and development should go faster. Note that even in the crisis years the country’s population is gradually increasing and will continue to grow. After a few years, the population of Azerbaijan will reach 10 million. This trend continues. In the coming years, growth will be even higher,’ Azeri Daily quotes Aliyev as saying.

Aliyev also touched upon the situation in Armenia: ‘In Armenia, population is shrinking. This happens due to natural causes, because of migration, and as a result of hopelessness, despair, arbitrariness. The current fascist regime in Armenia actually created unbearable conditions in the country. Therefore, the population will decline there, leave the country, as it does today. We will return to our lands. This requires a well-planned strategy, concept. We have these. Our strategic policy is defined, and we will take tactical steps every year. First, it is a historical question. Second, a fair question. We stand for justice and the need to restore our territorial integrity. We can never allow a second Armenian state to be created on our soil. On the contrary, we must try and will try to increase the power of our country, to strengthen it, and to achieve this goal. The society is united on this and all other issues. Our successful development is a reality. We achieve this development, even in the crisis years,’ the Azeri President concluded.

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